Monthly Archives: December 2015

My First Stratios

Well, sort of anyway.

I’ve been searching Frostlines high and low, and I’ve gotten… a couple of BPOs, actually. Just two. One’s a Noir entosis link, and I forgot what the other one was. Don’t get me wrong, free stuff, but… ehhhh.

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Not much happening

Pretty much, anyway.

I spent a lot of the weekend just running missions and occasionally stumbling over Frostlines – I won some of the loot, but I’ve had no luck in terms of getting that 43-X chip yet.

I even tried diving into a wormhole – only managed to run one Frostline before the inhabitants chased me out.

I did learn that the Hecate in blaster fit isn’t really built for the job, and is even worse in rail fit.

I get the impression that if I don’t want to risk a Tengu, then I’ll just have to use a Caracal or Drake if I want to minimise the amount I risk when diving into wormholes, as it looks like T3Ds will probably not deliver the amount of damage I need.

Pity. They seem fun.

Some money making

Well, I’ve got myself a Hecate. Still working on the skills for it though, thanks to the AUR boosts I got from the Black Friday deals on CCP game packs, and CCP’s own AUR deals across that period. I should be able to train this character now until my alt is finished training and can be sold, give or take a bit.

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EVE weekend

Well so far I’ve played through six Frostline sites across the weekend.

Some of that is because it was also a family weekend, so I only had a few hours in the morning to float around in EVE to find the damn things (preferably before someone else did).

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So I just ran my first Frostline site.

Three waves of frigates, unlock the accel gate, three waves of cruisers, then the battlecruiser arrives, dies, and drops the loot.

Straightforward, really – makes it quite accessible to newbies which is a brilliant choice for anyone starting recently.

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EVE Valkyrie release

So we’ve been waiting for this for a while.

For my part I know I want to get in on it as soon as possible as it looks like exactly what I’m wanting from an arena dogfighting game. Plus the ability to use the Rift for other games would be sweet (ability to use the rift to look around in EVE while flying?).

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The Geztic Shuttle Charmerout Probe – Mysterious!

So I’m an EVE player.

Pretty obvious, in a way.

And in this case, I have an interest in solving a few of the mysteries of the EVE universe.

The two topics of my title are the key ones, although  a Violent Wormhole in the Promised Land of the EVE universe also has my attention.

But my current RP and Investigation priority is that shuttle.

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