The Geztic Shuttle Charmerout Probe – Mysterious!

So I’m an EVE player.

Pretty obvious, in a way.

And in this case, I have an interest in solving a few of the mysteries of the EVE universe.

The two topics of my title are the key ones, although  a Violent Wormhole in the Promised Land of the EVE universe also has my attention.

But my current RP and Investigation priority is that shuttle.

Below is a copy of my existing work to date, headed with references to previous work that I based my own work and suppositions on.

There’s more to find, somewhere. We just have to look.

References of related work by other capsuleers:

Sun Stats:
A0 (Blue Small)
Luminosity 0.81
Age 3,396,000,000 Years
Radius 522,900 km
Spectral Class F9 V
Temperature 6025 K

Shuttle thus far only responds to ECM. No response to other modules.
Is “pushed” away from ship when ship is between shuttle and star. Is otherwise “pulled” toward ship when ECM is active and jamming.
ECM loss/deactivation under 100km results in shuttle “slowboating” back to beacon. Above 100km results in shuttle warping back to beacon. This cannot be interrupted by point/scram.
Successfully made it 185km away from beacon and held shuttle there (it stopped that far away).
This was done at a roughly 90 degree angle to the line between beacon and star.
Shuttle possibly warps back after set period of time, even if jamming is held?
Shuttle moved 108km when “pushed” away from the star, and moved 256km, when moved at a below-90 angle to the sun, horizontally.
Perhaps it is trying to stay within a certain range of the sun’s corona?
Once an unknown distance from beacon/sun is reached, the shuttle stops dead in space, and will not move further.
Is this distance randomized?

How far can the shuttle be pushed or pulled, given permanent jamming?
It has been reportedly pushed/pulled out to above 500km+ distances, given time and permanent disruption of the magnetic sensor system onboard the ship in question.

I have attempted to cap out the shuttle (I checked using ship scanner).
No change when 0 cap reached.
Either by nos or neut.

remote cap booster failed to initiate.
Ship scanner provided same data as reported (Shuttle has 625Gj power, rather than 25Gj normal – otherwise just a normal invincible shuttle). Ditto cargo scanner (empty ship).
Survey scanner, relic analyzer and data analyzer returned nothing, or failed to work.

Beacon does not respond to similar stimulus.

Binary communication attempted, but thus far unsuccessful.
Codewords required?
Alternate language needed? (Base64? ASCII?).

Jamyl Sarum?
Some references to Amarr religion?
A ping/Ack pair?

I am using this tool for translations:

Wormholes found repeatedly within system. Has occurred on every full system sweep with probes thus far.
K162 x2
M555 x3
Checks: 4

The bracket in space (not overview) is labelled “The True Immortal” when you mouse over it. Why?

Something about it reminds me of Ellen Ripley in the second Alien movie, Aliens. The way she drifts in a low-powered cryo tube in an escape shuttle though most of space before she is stumbled across by a salvage team.

Early Supposition later disproved – shuttle relies on magnetic relationship with the star, and use of ECM with magnetometric strength will have stronger effect.
Disproved by: use of Caldari Gravimetric ECM was stronger. Potentially relative to ship racial weaknesses, or possibly relative to wormhole weaknesses to gravitational waves?
Gallente jams were strength 8.1, while caldari jams were 7.6, yet caldari were stronger.

Perhaps it is waiting for a specific ship-type to arrive on grid? (I also level this specific question at the Mysterious Probe in Charmerout).

And now I have something else to investigate – is there still a “violent” wormhole sitting around in the Promised Land system?

re-reading the info text, it states the shuttle has a “receiver” rather than a sensor. What is this receiver receiving from the magnetic field of a star?
Is it sensor data? Or… something else?

This is an A0 star, and OOC are known for prior iso-5 scooping.
Also, wormholes are supposedly powered by the instability of iso-5 or similar, but are disrupted by gravimetric waves (usually known to be produced by caldari racial gravi ECM jammers).
Or to be more accurate, sansha wormholes are disrupted by gravi ECM.
So if this shuttle is receiving… what, iso-5? data on what happens after an iso-5? data about the A0 star that results from the iso explosion?
And if it’s reliant on this, and gravi sensors disrupt it, perhaps the automatic sensors are then causing the shuttle to exit the immediate vicinity of gravi distortions, until it is able to return unmolested to the scan point.

Possibly the living being inside is a sansha? maybe acting as a living computer or sensor node for the sansha hivemind? And broadcasting data back to the hive?

Found these:,Zog6gEd,yTWibEJ,vMVYhWO#0

Sitting in system. Why do they look similar to drifters?

And this being an A0 star, but no shattered planets…
Did it happen so long ago the planets reformed?
Or is this a peculiarity being studied by the shuttle somehow?

Again, I’ve found wormholes, and relic/data sites contained blue crystal asteroids.
I’m left wondering if that’s the reason the shuttle is here.
Maybe it’s trying to understand how/why wormholes form?
Do wormholes form more often around A0 class blue stars?
Is that why the shuttle is here?



A full lit of O1 class stars provided by Eklykti of Legion of Death alliance.


solarSystemName    security
0-UVHJ     -0.081724
0J3L-V     -0.790707
0OYZ-G     -0.717087
1-10QG     -0.017076
1TS-WN     -0.000001
2-84WC     -0.885164
2AUL-X     -0.347437
33CE-7     -0.375243
37S-KO     -0.036925
38IA-E     -0.155028
39-DGG     -0.355497
3PPT-9     -0.024344
4-MPSJ     -0.456843
4A-6NI     -0.799341
5-MLDT     -0.033856
5-VFC6     -0.41224
5M2-KP     -0.400129
6E-MOW     -0.342266
87XQ-0     -0.401944
8KR9-5     -0.231319
8Q-T7B     -0.063091
8QMO-E     -0.550661
9I-SRF     -0.205818
Afivad     0.519572
Agtver     0.881107
Ahtila     0.639624
Akhmoh     0.815058
Alra     0.818921
AN-G54     -0.131978
Angur     0.177585
Anjedin     0.515754
Aranir     0.242789
Arera     0.646061
Arshat     0.580904
Arvasaras     0.516734
Arveyil     0.525393
Assez     0.442118
Autama     0.775104
AZ3F-N     -0.078889
B-DBYQ     -0.00261
B3QP-K     -0.772029
Bourar     0.382961
Brapelille     0.672466
BU-IU4     -0.869826
BY-MSY     -0.863414
C9R-NO     -0.150802
CNC-4V     -0.709488
D-CR6W     -0.148349
D-I9HJ     -0.305086
Dakba     0.710418
Deninard     0.709388
E1F-LK     -0.452558
Enal     0.407628
Ervekam     0.68692
Eygfe     0.697443
F-5WYK     -0.472881
F-D49D     -0.190938
F-TE1T     -0.734715
F4R2-Q     -0.16685
Faspera     0.128258
FB5U-I     -0.315878
FSW-3C     -0.263897
FV-SE8     -0.076662
G-B3PR     -0.13887
GC-LTF     -0.264347
Gemodi     0.359262
Gidali     0.653454
Haras     0.279962
Hoseen     0.075726
HPE-KP     -0.033943
I-7JR4     -0.431771
I-NGI8     -0.588022
IAMJ-Q     -1
Iderion     0.474549
IZ-AOB     -0.023952
J100033     -0.99
J101604     -0.99
J101729     -0.99
J102446     -0.99
J102734     -0.99
J103408     -0.99
J103547     -0.99
J104459     -0.99
J104628     -0.99
J104948     -0.99
J105201     -0.99
J105722     -0.99
J111617     -0.99
J112042     -0.99
J112610     -0.99
J113221     -0.99
J113453     -0.99
J115314     -0.99
J115347     -0.99
J115933     -0.99
J120409     -0.99
J122041     -0.99
J122518     -0.99
J124109     -0.99
J124635     -0.99
J124753     -0.99
J124830     -0.99
J125927     -0.99
J130209     -0.99
J133557     -0.99
J133951     -0.99
J134123     -0.99
J135827     -0.99
J140215     -0.99
J140308     -0.99
J142528     -0.99
J142535     -0.99
J143447     -0.99
J143704     -0.99
J144103     -0.99
J150306     -0.99
J150407     -0.99
J150818     -0.99
J152628     -0.99
J155013     -0.99
J155831     -0.99
J160722     -0.99
J160941     -0.99
J162853     -0.99
J165153     -0.99
J165648     -0.99
J165806     -0.99
J204842     -0.99
J205738     -0.99
J211805     -0.99
J213226     -0.99
J215215     -0.99
J220215     -0.99
J224217     -0.99
J225530     -0.99
J231517     -0.99
Jita     0.945913
Judra     0.7616
Juunigaishi     0.621322
JVJ2-N     -0.169824
JWZ2-V     -0.051524
K-YI1L     -0.00966
Kedama     0.338464
Khopa     0.810458
Kisogo     1
Kothe     0.647333
L-5JCJ     -0.258915
LH-LY1     -0.718186
LVL-GZ     -0.95971
LX-ZOJ     -0.450454
M4U-EH     -0.625457
Mamenkhanar     0.703849
Manarq     0.815666
Mannar     0.285023
MI6O-6     -0.132399
Mirilene     0.779691
Moh     0.472835
N-6Z8B     -0.076186
N-9EOQ     -0.000031
N8XA-L     -0.067679
Nennamaila     0.274258
NG-C6Y     -0.003517
O1Q-P1     -0.457072
Otanuomi     0.372287
P-ZMZV     -0.140643
Palmon     0.44971
Polfaly     0.830126
QFGB-E     -0.491352
QG3-Z0     -0.329124
QXQ-I6     -0.021637
QY6-RK     -0.595702
R-BGSU     -0.097893
R-RMDH     -0.185453
R-ZUOL     -0.639294
R8WV-7     -0.433412
Rayeret     0.454546
RIT-A7     -0.541435
Sakenta     0.979257
Saloti     0.703113
Senda     0.906628
SH1-6P     -0.565614
Sist     0.808059
SZ6-TA     -0.234378
T-67F8     -0.933729
T-8GWA     -0.132715
T-ZWA1     -0.751692
T2-V8F     -0.250457
Tash-Murkon Prime     0.832134
Teonusude     0.586314
TG-Z23     -0.050998
TY2X-C     -0.155575
U-HYZN     -0.878681
U-WLT9     -0.036238
U8MM-3     -0.000008
UAJ5-K     -0.227917
Uisper     0.392681
Uitra     0.924096
UNAG-6     -0.223542
Uotila     0.574103
UQY-IK     -0.073233
Urhinichi     0.840921
USJ2-M     -0.000198
Ussad     0.16237
V-JCJS     -0.097784
V-MZW0     -0.08945
V-OJEN     -0.316843
V0DF-2     -0.209449
W-4NUU     -0.020019
Warouh     0.525562
WU9-ZR     -0.692201
Wuos     0.561774
WX-6UX     -0.728552
X-BV98     -0.040967
X-M9ON     -0.009812
XD-JW7     -0.236784
Y-4CFK     -0.190475
Y-CWQY     -0.762607
Y-W1Q3     -0.16016
YE1-9S     -0.050546
YJ3-UT     -0.678497
Z9PP-H     -0.028168
Zatamaka     0.408385
ZD4-G9     -0.623715
ZOPZ-6     -0.079369
Zorenyen     0.11123


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