EVE Valkyrie release

So we’ve been waiting for this for a while.

For my part I know I want to get in on it as soon as possible as it looks like exactly what I’m wanting from an arena dogfighting game. Plus the ability to use the Rift for other games would be sweet (ability to use the rift to look around in EVE while flying?).

That aside though, where do we go from release? Will we see these fighter types be added to the game? If so, will their abilities only work on other launched fighters or as counter-fighters? Or will some abilities (shield drain/heal) work on EVE ships also? Will CCP try to connect Valkyrie to the game the way they were supposedly going to with DUST (an effort that has seemingly died on the vine)? It would be nice to get all three universes properly integrated (more so than currently) but with a risk averse (myself included) playerbase, and current technological hurdles, I don’t really see anything more than current connections between DUST and EVE working, at least for a while. Although getting DUST off the console and onto PC platforms would be a welcome move, from my perspective.

Right now I’m betting Valkyrie’s just going to be a standalone thing, but speculating on future endeavours is always fun – let’s play the jump to conclusions game! Like hopscotch, but with more comedy and stupidity. Yaaaaaay!

Seriously though, by all accounts this may be a good way for CCP to improve the bottom line. It has been well received by most people testing it out, with most of the negativity surrounding learning to grasp new technology in much the same way that a console controller user initially finds issues with the good old mouse and keyboard, with much the same later results of preferring the alternative technology.

However, notes of head aiming leave me cautious – we’ve proven the the M+KB combo is great for hand eye co-ordination, and superior in most (not all) respects to controllers for accuracy (I claim nothing in regards to platformers, 2d or otherwise). This in mind, is it likely that the technology will be able to rely on our head/eye movements to be able to properly target and track, or will it end up being wobbly and innacurate? Clearly I’ll have to get one for myself to make an informed decision, but it’s going to be an interesting trip.


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