So I just ran my first Frostline site.

Three waves of frigates, unlock the accel gate, three waves of cruisers, then the battlecruiser arrives, dies, and drops the loot.

Straightforward, really – makes it quite accessible to newbies which is a brilliant choice for anyone starting recently.

Pretty fun, short blast gameplay. Plus it’s right there on the overview so easy to know if it’s available or not.

I only got the base loot (male and female outfit, plus some quafe), so I’ll keep hunting. I’m hoping to find a multi-pilot training certificate or a plex or something. I’ve heard those drop, and seen screenshots, but I’ll believe it when I get one myself. That’s my current self-set target.

Specifically so I can start training for a Jackdaw, as I’m currently using my account to train an alt specifically for perfect tengu skills and supporting skills – which will take the next 6 months. Meanwhile if I can grab a free plex or multipilot cert from the loot, I’ll be able to train Jack as well.

And if I can rapidly train a Jackdaw, then I’ll be able to get out of my Tengu and into something cheaper for these kind of events in future. Even better if I pull it off before the end of the event, so I can run these sites in a Jackdaw right away.

In the meantime, explosions.


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