EVE weekend

Well so far I’ve played through six Frostline sites across the weekend.

Some of that is because it was also a family weekend, so I only had a few hours in the morning to float around in EVE to find the damn things (preferably before someone else did).

Three of those times I got lucky with the can drop, or managed to do it solo, or the other guy decided to be nice to me and let me have it. The other three times I was racing other players to kill the BC first, and lost the DPS war.

A little frustrating, as all I’ve found so far is just the base loot of tshirts and quafe.

I’ve heard tales (possibly trolls) of PLEX, Multitraining Certs, blueprints, faction loot, or more importantly, Rogue Drone chips (I’m hoping for a couple 43-X chips as I really want to own one or more Stratios class vessels).

I’ve also been attacking highsec Rogue Drone anoms as they show up on my system scanner (the green ones, I’ve not burned time on red ones) just in case a sentient drone shows up and drops a chip.

No luck there either.

I’ll keep plugging away at it. I’ve dumped the Tengu into a station for now in favour for the lower damage Myrmidon, simply because if I get into a turf war over a loot can, it means I don’t lose a week or so of training time – not something I can afford when this character is still not yet the main training character on my account (at least, not for another 6 months).

I did use the recent Green Man Gaming deals to snaffle up enough aurum to grab a serpentis catalyst skin from buying EVE aurum, and combine with the GMG EVE packs to net a total of 7k aurum – enough for two months of multi training.

If I do that with another account, and transfer the two multi training certs over, that’ll be four months of training.

I’m sure I can put that to use.


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