Some money making

Well, I’ve got myself a Hecate. Still working on the skills for it though, thanks to the AUR boosts I got from the Black Friday deals on CCP game packs, and CCP’s own AUR deals across that period. I should be able to train this character now until my alt is finished training and can be sold, give or take a bit.

That includes a very lucky win of a PLEX thanks to EN24.

Of course now I need to quickly build up my stock of cash with a little bit of mission running – lucked out with a Lady Scarlet run last night. So I’m almost at a point where losing the Hecate wouldn’t hurt so much. Still need to get it finished out though.

Two more Frostlines, won only one batch of loot, still no luck at getting the 43-X chip I want for a stratios. Bit miffed about that. I’ll keep trying though.

Ideally I want to set up with something suitably cheap that can find a way through wormholes, run frostlines, and be cloaky. I’m guessing maybe  a recon might work, but I’ll need to train a couple extra skills for that. It would be a completely out of the ordinary fit to boot, so unexpected, but probably not optimal. We’ll see what I can come up with and how it turns out.

Spoiler alert: I’ll probably die horribly.


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