Monthly Archives: March 2016

Let the meta roll on!


Wow, a new day and a new post (or two) about recent drama and war.

This time we have a couple people responding to the TMC post regarding the guilt (or lack thereof??) of CO2 in their resetting Imperium coalition in the face of invasion.

Let’s break it down.

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Events and other events

Well, it looks like the guristas event is coming to a close.

I’ve made it out with a worm bpc, a lot of skins, a bunch of those TEBS things, some ammo, and some clothes. I think that’s it. Nothing too fancy. A lot better for me than Frostline was though, mostly because I lucked out and stumbled into a lot of sites that people either didn’t start, or gave up on partway through.

Not much of a story really – I’ll be trying to figure out how best to fit that worm though – I’m thinking of testing it on the frigate burner missions. Well… maybe, anyway.

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Back again

Okay so it’s mostly the new event that drew me in.

This time I kind of have to use a tengu to keep up.

It’s working out okay, ish. Although as usual there’s a rush to get it done, as others will steal the cans. Happened to me once (that time the guy was in a hyperion and I was in a prophecy, my Golden Budgie)  – the other time I was testing out my stratios and was just plain too slow on damage to get the can – the other guy was nice enough to offer it to me, but I decided to be fair, and just switch ships and move on.

I’ve been lucky though so I’ve already got my moa skin, and some clothes, and some quafe and ammo.

At this point I’m just doing it to see what else will show up.