Events and other events

Well, it looks like the guristas event is coming to a close.

I’ve made it out with a worm bpc, a lot of skins, a bunch of those TEBS things, some ammo, and some clothes. I think that’s it. Nothing too fancy. A lot better for me than Frostline was though, mostly because I lucked out and stumbled into a lot of sites that people either didn’t start, or gave up on partway through.

Not much of a story really – I’ll be trying to figure out how best to fit that worm though – I’m thinking of testing it on the frigate burner missions. Well… maybe, anyway.

In other news, oh look, crazy things in nullsec.

Well, CO2 apparently just backstabbed, and with them publicly admitting to it to boot (having been paid, according to TMC at least, I’ll update if I find additional sources…) where does that leave everyone else?

Well their (CO2) space was pretty much falling apart from the get go, and ditto for SMA in fade/Pure Blind. I’m honestly surprised the russians haven’t gotten involved yet, but as ever they’re something of a mystery to me in terms of how they operate. But that tells us why CO2 defected – they felt they weren’t getting defended enough, and decided to protect their space and internal members instead of worrying about loyalty to the larger coalition. Makes sense, when you think about it, and it’ll give the, uh ‘Moneybadgers’ (is that really what we’re calling them now? Seriously? Ok then) extra space and power to stage from.

On the other hand, in future… well, if someone turned traitor once, what’s to say they won’t again if the stakes are high enough, no? Co2 (or at least this iteration of it) will have to work harder to gain trust in future as a group. And they can sing, scream, and shout as loudly as they like, it won’t change the fact that that little situation will always be in the back of their minds when dealing with them.

Not to say that Imperium has a better reputation. Although in fairness, the Imp boys tend to work better with allies than some we’ve met. See: BoB, the real Northern Coalition, and some of the past inhabitants of the Great Wildlands for examples. On the other hand, depending on how much stock you put in rumours, they certainly have only barely done better.

But setting that aside, what about everyone else?

We’ve got two alliance evacuating, most of the coalition deployed in Saranen (what?) and several regions being attacked in different ways. That’s about 3-4 alliances being made to feel the hurt, while IWI, PL, TISHU, and plenty more besides chow down on some easy meat. Time to settle in with the popcorn lads, this one’s going to be fun to watch. After all, Goons can’t sit on their behinds forever.


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