Monthly Archives: April 2016

It’s full of fire

So all of goons shit is on fire, a few more high profile people are leaving, and we’re beginning to see goons do some things.

Also some story stuff happened, and there’s been a lot of changes thanks to Fanfest. And tomorrow even more changes will happen. I’m going to post all this stuff up now so I have a week to figure out what the fallout will be from tomorrow.

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Propaganda – Whyyyyyy?

There’s a lot of chatter on r/eve. Also on other news sites too – a lot of it is what we all seem to be calling “hurf blurf” (everyone is using this phrase on all sides of this war), while some of it is actually interesting and/or useful or funny.

Too much of it is just noise though. A lot of shouting, or terribly written/done stuff from people who seem to be caught up in the narrative that both sides are spouting as if their time is short.

We’ve also got more defections, screwups, and people leaving the Imperium.

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Another week, another evac

Wow, it’s been a week and a bit since I last got a chance to post, and we’ve seen Lemba-drama-llama, and SMA has also quit the IMP boys (although on apparently friendly terms at an organisational level, for the most part – they’re keeping those standings blue).

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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