Another week, another evac

Wow, it’s been a week and a bit since I last got a chance to post, and we’ve seen Lemba-drama-llama, and SMA has also quit the IMP boys (although on apparently friendly terms at an organisational level, for the most part – they’re keeping those standings blue).

Let’s dive in, shall we?

First up, Imperium is seeing their home regions burn (tracking this on dotlan and related API-based trackers available to the public is quite easy, and we’re seeing a lot of timers pop up there). And… nothing, except the evac towards Saranen, as they’ve been publically saying.

In a sense, it makes sense. They can’t be camped in with bubbles and shenanigans, except perhaps command destroyers and insta-lockers. And sometimes not even then, what with station guns.

But it means that members aren’t seeing the direct fight back, and are instead turning to the publically stated sov-lasering troll-ceptor fleets. Not the grand battles that CCP likes to publish, or that turn up on BBC technology sites.

And now VFK and YA0 are burning, and any remaining CFC guys get their stuff out while they can. Camps around EWOK and G-M are reaping plenty of kills also, although IMP forces will sometimes blow right through, occasionally fighting here – those travel-ceptors tend to ignore little things like bubble camps.

All in all though, this is the CFC. I’m expecting them to eventually do something drastic. Or failing that, maybe they’ll become like the old core of the Red Alliance, in the recently publicized video from EVE Empires book. It’ll be interesting to find out, either way.


But what of Lemba? The first post with his statement on EN24 left me with very little pity for him – he publically states that he neglected his wife and children in favour of playing EVE with goons. Forgive me for saying but no matter the excuse, you do not put computer games before family and friends. Real life comes before pixels – sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but as an adult, duty to jobs, friends, wife, kids, other family, bills, etc, always always always come first. No exceptions. Ever. This isn’t a grey area. If you’re willing to let your kids and wife go to hell in favour of internet spaceships then that says more about the general individual than I need to state in this post – and you can imagine my personal opinion of such.

But let’s look at the rest – he shows us a lot of goons stating that if necessary they’d prefer to see some alliances merge with them, or find ways to scoop up valuable members. Not the most polite attitude, but honestly after nearly 10 years (search Jack Jomar in-game, you’ll see my start date) of EVE I can state from personal experience that every single corp and alliance in the game does this to a lesser or greater extent, and often with the same attitude about it. The only difference is that we’re seeing goons do it, and because they’re the villains of EVE – their personal preferred position within this game, giving them what they want – we pick up on it more like it’s a big deal. One of the alliances I’ve been in was a pet alliance down in Great Wildlands. This exact attitude was used there, and by the people they were renting from at the time also, who scooped up a few corps from that alliance when it mysteriously fell apart, apparently thanks to pressure from Ethereal Dawn.

Considering the friendly extraction of SMA, and blue standings, I doubt it’s as big a deal as people are making out – we’d see SMA joining the MBC if it were truly the case. But who knows? This is the Imperium we’re talking about, and there may be more we’re not seeing. But right now, considering the questionable platform he’s standing on, I’m not as trusting of a statement from Lemba as I would be, say, Shadoo of PL.

There’s also a lot of talk about chatdumps from Goons, which I might review at a later date like I did previously with the CO2 logs  – digging through, and given recent actions by CO2, including in the news and on r/eve, CO2 is looking less and less innocent every time I see something to do with them, and they have a history of betraying alliances they’re with to boot – they did it twice to the Northern Coalition (the original one not NC.) and now have done it again to IMP. The MBC should be wary of them, to protect themselves if they wish to continue their fight.

All told, we’re seeing Goons lose a lot of space, but no counter-attack yet. Makes me wonder why, and what’s coming next. I’m disinclined to trust propaganda of any sort from anyone on any side in any war ever – it’s propaganda, and that’s the point. So a lot of r/eve is currently passing me right by, as large swathes of a community have been given over to a propaganda war. A pity really – we’ve lost kugutsumen, we’ve lost the old CAOD board on the EVE forums, Failheap isn’t exactly attracting me, and I’m missing anything else. Right now I’m largely operating from EN24, TMC, CZ, the Massively site, RPS, PCG, and a couple other sources, plus the EVE forums, and the few gems of genuinely interesting stuff from r/eve or other groups public sites. Ripard Teg, and Talvorian Dex are good reads  – though I’m worriedly beginning to see some propagandistic attitudes from them, which concerns me as they’re both amazing bloggers and are at their best when they try to remain neutral and above the fray. If you don’t believe me, then please go read back through all their work, as there are some wonderfully written pieces in there. Bookmark them, and keep track of their work, as it’s fantastic stuff, and is what inspired me to start this blog.

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