Propaganda – Whyyyyyy?

There’s a lot of chatter on r/eve. Also on other news sites too – a lot of it is what we all seem to be calling “hurf blurf” (everyone is using this phrase on all sides of this war), while some of it is actually interesting and/or useful or funny.

Too much of it is just noise though. A lot of shouting, or terribly written/done stuff from people who seem to be caught up in the narrative that both sides are spouting as if their time is short.

We’ve also got more defections, screwups, and people leaving the Imperium.

So let’s address the actual news first.

Where SMA has gone, FCON is now following, and in much the same manner (we’re off, but let’s stay blue, we’ll be back soon, xoxo). Looks like the CFC is losing some buffer – albeit with the core “mega alliance” doctrine now rising within the form of GSF proper. Considering Fozziesov, and the requirements on the part of a defender in terms of entosis, this makes sense, but I’ll be interested to see how long it works for, especially with comment threads, DJ, and others in the SA boards discussing “No True Goon” and the usual culture shenanigans that continue on for SA boards.

And I’ll address a really dumb misconception here:- SomethingAwful is like Guild Wars 2. Buy once, use forever (or until you get banned for posting dumb or offensive shit – in which case you deserve it). And much like GW2 you can buy account upgrades. The general rule is “if you’re going to post, be funny and/or informative/useful – otherwise lurk more”. SA is a comedy forum, which includes satire and black humour. And while all actual EVE Goons (GoonWaffe Corporation) are SA Goons, not all SA Goons are EVE Goons. This is something the MBC needs to get a grip on, because it’s like the idiots who assert that all r/eve users must also be r/upskirt users – this is dumb shit (and probably dumb propaganda) and needs to stop because it makes both sides look like jackasses. Nobody comes out of this looking pretty, just petty. Sorry for the tangent, but assuming people read this and learn something, then I’m calling it worth it.

Back to actual news – ETNY member Danikov appears to have been ousted from ETNY and GSF after his recent CZ article. While it started off strong, it began to devolve into… Well, let’s just say it was a bit weird to read. He seems to have forgotten the “goons are satirists” thing. It ends up reading like the tinfoil hattery I’ve seen over the past decade on forums ranging from the old CAOD boards (I hope the current version comes to life soon), and kugu, through to what we now see on r/eve and occasionally the SA EVE thread. Which is a pity because Danikov has a general history of doing some pretty good work. I’m hoping he’ll stay with CZ, continue writing, blow off some more steam, and pick a side – by now I’d recommend either SUAS or Endie’s corps, as we’d see him providing new insight into the current war. It won’t impact goons much though because, as an SA user known in EVE as “Deadtear” put it in the SA EVE thread (and I paraphrase somewhat) “Eternity Incorporated aren’t people” – see the “no true goons” thing up the page. Also the fact that ETNY used to be part of the original Mercenary Coalition, which was (if you read Groen’s fantastic book) allied with BoB.

The rebuttal provided by Viktor Fel is an interesting and occasionally amusing piece. IT gives us a useful view into the interior of GSF, but doesn’t come across as being propagandistic. Just talkative, and an opinion piece instead.

Responses ranged from approval through to people haranguing the writer regarding discussions of Mittens’ ill fated presentation RE: The Wiz, and on Vile Rat and his merits as an EVE player. I find myself agreeing with Viktor to a lesser or greater extent. One comment pointing out the slides for Mittens’ presentation were prepared beforehand. This highlights that the decision on antagonizing The Wiz was made before the presentation. So Mittens went in there consciously knowing what he was going to do. But was is exacerbated by being drunk? Almost certainly. At this point though, the people hammering this into the ground long after CCP has punished him to their satisfaction, and the man himself has made public apology for his actions are just collectively beating a dead horse. He’s apologized and done everything humanly possible to make up for it within actual reason. If you don’t accept the apology, then that’s on you. The only person who is relevant to accepting the apology is The Wiz. Not you, not me, not anybody else ever. Too bad.

As for Vile Rat (RIP) we saw reports of people badmouthing him in-game and shit-talking because… what, it was funny? Er, no that’s shitty. Just as shitty as the goon who badmouthed the dead family member of a BoB player years ago. And if VR badmouthed dead guys while he was alive that was equally bad – but never justification to shit talk him. Two wrongs don’t make a right, EVE or no EVE. Keep your shit-talking focused on the living please. Have some damn class. If you engage in shit-talking the dead for the sake of trolling your enemies, then you’re bad, should feel bad, and are worse than anything Goons or anyone else in this game could ever manage to do or be. If troll, then 0/10 for you.

But we’re getting off-topic again.

MBC is massively on the offensive, and Goons are, well, not there. MBC has impressively ground out a largely undefended Dek, with capital and historical systems ignored by the “defenders” as many hurry to comply with GSF mandate to rebase to Saranen with the people who have already been there for nearly a year. Remaining IMP forces are instead focusing on denying large scale fights to the MBC as much as they can in anticipation of cap changes, instead deploying their much publicized “swordfleet” and “siegefleet” frigate doctrines to harass the MBC in an effort to draw out the battles and damage morale. It would seem that the CFC is aiming for the “death of a thousand cuts” attack as part of their “Fabian Strategy”. However, thanks to a combination of bad luck, experienced PL scouts, and bad CFC pilots, the CFC boys are still losing valuable assets in bad ways, long after having been warned multiple times to just stay logged off until suitable times. It’s not just Goons who are bad at EVE I guess.

What with fanfest coming up (wish I could go!) it’ll be interesting to see if any new twists occur (or any goons bother to go) during the event. Historically we’ve seen massive backstabs, and large scale fights brew up while leading members of alliances are nominally “away” from the fight, so people who follow that history will be playing close attention, not just to CCP’s Keynotes and other important presentations, but also to the ongoing in-game events. At the very least I’m curious to see what CCP will say.

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