It’s full of fire

So all of goons shit is on fire, a few more high profile people are leaving, and we’re beginning to see goons do some things.

Also some story stuff happened, and there’s been a lot of changes thanks to Fanfest. And tomorrow even more changes will happen. I’m going to post all this stuff up now so I have a week to figure out what the fallout will be from tomorrow.

So, first up.

Pretty much all of Dek is burned, give or take a few bits still reinforced (if any), and Fade and PB don’t look much better for the goons. The MBC has achieved another objective I guess? (pushing goons out of null sov control). That just leaves convincing Mittens and Sion to quit, but considering that those two guys actively enjoy all of this war, and the posting – both positive and negative – on both SA and Reddit, that’s unlikely to happen. I think that’s probably one goal too far for the MBC as a whole. At least for now, anyway. Maybe the scenario will change, but I don’t see it happening.

Goons are striking back though – they’re publically (via leaks on reddit) hunting around in O1Y (I think that’s the correct O) trying to camp dudes into stations/whatever there. When the patch hits tomorrow, we’ll see how long that lasts. Ditto RE: capital changes and how that affects both this specific camp, and the wider theatre. The cap/supercap blob as we know it is about to have some important changes hit it. Will PL and the wider MBC community handle this well? What about goons? Reddit reports and leaks suggest both sides have probably thoroughly tested out these changes already (only a fool would do otherwise, in all honesty) and will likely have plans in place (some anyway) to handle the situation.

Goons continue their sword and siege fleets, and we’re seeing other doctrines hit the field now, outside of those two core setups. Abuse of RLMLs continues to be high on both sides, and cerberus fleets are a big thing. Ditto T3Ds. Adaptive the Command Destroyers into current tactics also seems to be continuing, especially with camps of saranen undock, and other locations besides.

Reddit reports known Goon counter-intel Digi has moved to quit EVE. The Reddit position is highly anti-digi, for various historical reasons, while on the SA boards, the response is a mixed but “fair move, hope you enjoy other things” which is a far more chill response. Reading through it all I get that Digi may have made some bad decisions (some highly questionable ones, really), but the question is where he goes/went from there. I guess quitting the game is probably best for his life balance in general, so from my position I’m just gonna wish him the best.

Semi-related, another CFC member, Viktor Fel is also apparently leaving the Imperium. I’m unsure at this point how serious that specific announcement is. But if it is serious, it’s not going to be too serious for Imperium leadership to deal with. When you consider that Mittens has used real-world ideas like removing single points of failure, then you already know they’ll have someone else pre-prepared to replace whatever Victor Fel was doing (if anything). How it will affect morale is another issue, but for the hardcore Goonwaffe players, it’ll be minimal at best. MBC players would be well advised to avoid running around crying that the sky is falling and the goons are failing. Read Groen’s history book if you don’t believe me – goons have bounced back from worse than the current state of affairs. I wouldn’t go counting any of those chickens if you’re in the MBC and believe the propaganda right now.

RE: my last post and discussions on shit-talking dead dudes, that position continues. I still think it’s shitty, and found out some guy named Lex Arson (according to some of the Reddit posts) is responsible for encouraging the shit-talking of Vile Rat. Much as with old goons shit-talking RE:Smoske, and other people shit-talking other dead EVE players, my position continues to be “this is truly despicable, and you are bad and should feel bad, fix your screwup, you terrible person”. Please spice this up with as many cuss words as possible/necessary for your personal flavour. Come on EVE guys, this is unclassy stuff. It’s not edgy, it’s just dumb. We’ve seen EVE dragged through the mud before in the public media, let’s not give them more reasons to rake our community over the coals again. Stop shit-talking dead guys, start shit-talking each other again. And be funny about it (if you can’t be funny, then don’t do it, you’ll just be dull).

Back to less depressing discussions, and  Darius JOHNSON has returned to the game, and decided to lead his own corp of SA goons (plus whoever they vouch in) to run around in delve. It doesn’t look as if this will fragment goons much, if at all – many of them may even double-dip without real issue (or at least without caring about consequences). Anyone looking for this to be the fall of goons will probably be in for a long wait. On the plus side, hopefully we’ll see some fun/funny news from these guys.

Next up, fresh off today’s press there’s possible dissension in the MBC ranks. Thanks to EN24 for this – go read if you haven’t already. Apparently, with Dek now wiped of goons presence (mostly), LSV is beginning to break apart? The two involved alliances have a prior history of shooting each other a lot, and have decided to revert to form according to the article. Snuffed Out has been called out, and punished (somewhat) for their actions by being reset by some of the rest of the coalition, with IWI apparently reimbursing the capital pilots for lost ships and equipment. I agree with the article in that it’s too soon to say which way this will go. But if pushed, for my part I think it’s more likely that after a few more days of anger, it’ll settle down to a simmer and we’ll see Snuffed Out rejoin the rest of the coalition, at least for now. But it’s likely this incident will be used as the first of many cracks between various groups. Either the pressures of internal politics will begin to force the groups apart as they decide they’ve had enough and go back to enjoying shooting each other up, or Mittens will remember how his GIA works and start applying external pressure to achieve the same result. Many of the current MBC dislike goons more than each other, but post-objectives will still dislike each other and want to go back to fighting among themselves again. Say what you will, but Mittens has been predicting this (or this sort of thing) in his fireside chats for a while now on twitch – something anyone who understands the history of these disparate groups could have told you.

Less seriously, it looks like the Amarrians are due for another Empress. Personally I was rooting for Aritcio to win, as I sort of liked his background a little more (evil twisted tyrant, becomes a redeemed batman anti-hero thanks to torture) but I guess that wasn’t to be. Still, it’ll be interesting to see how CCP builds the Catiz background – she’s apparently very liberal by Amarrian viewpoints, so it could go any direction. Bad, hilarious, interesting, positive, meh. Apparently pilot Darklight is now also an official Holder of the Empire (curious). I’ve yet to personally review the fight recordings, but I understand the Kor-Azor team had no battleship setups at all – an oversight in my opinion. Still, I’m glad to see CCP letting players have control over the direction of NPC background story, and I hope to see more events and situations like this in future. I’d also like to see the return of Live Events properly, but perhaps that’s just me.

Capital changes RE: dreads, carriers, and FAX look like they’re going to really heavily impact the game. First up, with capital heals relegated to FAX which can now only use drones (will we see more sentries here?) and specifically focused around triage, that now breaks up the carrier blob a little. More the fact that remaining standard carriers are now fighters only, no drones, means that they’ll be reliant on good logistics support. I’ve yet to see how well the new fighter mechanics work compared to homeworld. Reports are mixed. Changing fighter-bombers to heavy fighters but continuing to tie them to supercarriers seems appropriate – will we see supers split along similar lines to normal carriers in future though? Plus we now have the option of “suitcase dreads” as these get their own ship hangar. Plus High Angle Weaponry for drive by dread/titan blapping once more. Open question if we’ll see PL begin to pull this trick again. But on the other hand if they get counter dropped, they’ll have to absorb a full timer of anti-capital fire without striking back before they can refit. And that’s assuming they don’t have a second round of caps/supers waiting in the wings to counter-drop the counter-droppers (and so on). Will HAW mechanics be a return to the bad old days of titan blapping? Still, there’s the new doomsdays, right? Those are going to be interesting to see in the new capfights. I’ll predict much tears from the AoE ones. It’s pretty much a given. And the removal of some of the ewar immunity from supers/caps could very well be a net-positive in the long run. It’s about time subcaps had more to do about supers than just plink at them.

As for citadels, well my knowledge is still limited, so I’ll wait for next week before I begin to write up a response to those. I’ll probably end up revisiting some of my comments on capital changes by then too, as most likely both sides in this fight will have engaged with them (or at least PL probably will have).

In a final, personal note, I’m now exploring the south. Could get interesting. I hope.



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