Monthly Archives: May 2016

Cleansing of the North

Well, it looks like someone in the MBC agreed with me, because the North is now clear of all Imperium claims. All sov is gone. On the other hand, PL seems to keep dumpstering their capitals (although the idea that this comes at a “bad time” for PL, considering their wins on Sov – something they claimed they were never going to own ever again – seems like a stretch: bias alert). So I guess that clearing the north of TCUs and such may not have been enough? Or perhaps PL cap pilots are overconfident?

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Suddenly Explosions!

Well, looks like someone’s been paying attention. Or got as bored as I was becoming. Not only did we kick this week off with a double-whammy of exploding gear, we’ve also got serious Goon losses in Fade (and plenty of bias on both sides).

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Is this still happening?

Either someone paid a small amount of attention to my post last week, or else they had a lot of sugar recently – there’s been greater discussion about Fade again. Took a day or two, but at least it’s here now.

Nothing truly major to discuss (although Goons have lost some citadels.

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The crickets are chirping

So yeah, I missed that last week.

Things got busy at work. I’ve still not really gotten much on the new cap changes, and the news hasn’t said much, although there have been reports of some use of blap-dreads, so one thing I already saw coming has started happening. I’m not crazy about it, but at least subcaps stand a reasonable chance of murdering a dread. But otherwise, not much news, and no personal experience – time to look at Sisi I guess.

In the meantime:

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