The crickets are chirping

So yeah, I missed that last week.

Things got busy at work. I’ve still not really gotten much on the new cap changes, and the news hasn’t said much, although there have been reports of some use of blap-dreads, so one thing I already saw coming has started happening. I’m not crazy about it, but at least subcaps stand a reasonable chance of murdering a dread. But otherwise, not much news, and no personal experience – time to look at Sisi I guess.

In the meantime:

Well, as per the post title, there’s a lot of cricket noises for the past two weeks.

The war is rumbling quietly along, with explodey noises coming out of the north.

Apparently TEST is doubling down on their VotS territory, according to EN24. That aside, people have been keeping largely quiet. The occasional battle or titan loss is mentioned, but otherwise not much is said, at least via news sites. Although there has been new commentary about the snuff box event. Basically, a sketchy guy did something bad, and got some “blue for now” allies killed, and it’s being written off as nothing more. Maybe it will continue that way, maybe not. At this point, considering the silence this far along, it has probably been written off and they’re carrying on as normal for the war.

That said, there’s only been minor commentary (digging back a few pages in r/eve here) regarding the fact that Goons have held onto their PB sov, and are slowly regaining their Fade sov. What happened to smashing them completely out of lowsec? Why the sudden silence on them regaining territory (just look at the daily sov influence maps for the deets) – although for some reason Psychotic Tendencies is marked as Imperium now, on the coalition map there. A few comments about their new clownshoes doctrine (leaked on r/eve a few times), and some disparaging comments about how they’re only able to hit the Hordies in O1Y, and not much else, and that’s it for what I’ve dug up on r/eve so far. Maybe it’s been downvoted into the basement, or just not upvoted enough? I’d have thought we’d see more propaganda (good or bad) to encourage more MBC folks to finish off the last of goonsov. What do?

I mean, why isn’t there a tracking post/thread pinned or something for MBC guys to keep talking about or whatever to keep track of the war for MBC/public consumption? Or has the MBC said “mission accomplished” and settled in to not do much now? I really don’t get it.Goons are basically throwing bombers, ‘ceptors, and, uh, industrials(??) into the teeth of supercaps, cerberuses (cerberii?), and other things. Shouldn’t there be a horde (bad pun alert) of invasions across the remaining Goon territories from the MBC? What gives? All I’m getting on the matter is the sound of crickets here, and I was expecting more. Maybe next week? Please?

At least there’s been some drama, for anyone who follows the current crop of SA EVE threads: Darius has been caught raging again. Justified? Not? I’m not wild about Sion (I think Sion should be kept firmly away from article writing, or stages/soapboxes of any sort – maybe let him have a round table, but nothing more), but Mittens has a habit of figuring out his fuckups and fixing them – villain or no – so maybe we’ll see some improvement there sooner or later on the direction of Goons.

But Darius? On the one hand I like that he’s looking to lead a new grass-roots goon movement – it’s still SA focussed, but as long as you have an SA account that doesn’t suck, you’re not a jerk, and can actually write intelligently, I guess he’ll take you? But No Xenurias (I’m not averse to this rule after his trip report on Fanfest, frankly). I get why he’s mad about the history written by Mittens and co. On the other hand, perhaps he should have spoken up sooner? History is written by the loudmouths, after all (these days, anyway). All in all, I’m just glad to see DJ doing stuff again – I just don’t see the need for anyone to be jerks to each other on this one, ironically or otherwise. Just shoot each other (in-game) and get it over with.

So, okay, to end on a lighter more fun note: apparently Fozzie has been talking about local. It may be getting the wormhole treatment? Or tied to those new communications structures? Either way, if this follows the watchlist alterations, we’re liable to see the death of any/all ‘perfect intel’ tools in-game, and possible some damage done to any that exist out of game as well as time and development moves on. Looks like CCP is trying to encourage more roving gangs of recon/cov-ops pilots to provide intel to various alliances so that they have to actually log in and use their space properly. Whether this will cause burnout or not I’m not sure. It may in the short term encourage more activity as we see more roving gangs. This is potentially good, but as we’ve seen with some specific elements of the current iteration of the new sov mechanics, can also end up being a bit bad as well. However, the loss of perfect intel is, to me, a more good thing than bad thing, as I personally like the idea of encouraging more roving combat fleets (of any sort), and the use of more probers, cov ops, recons (yes I’m a recon fan), and so on. But perhaps that’s just me.



EDIT: so I had to dig back over 600+ threads in r/eve to find some 4day old posts. That alone is a massive WTF as to the functionality, but let’s just bypass the fact that this isn’t under current discussion.

First: okay, so the sov is apparently see-sawing back and forth between Horde and Bees. Why the hell this wasn’t pinned or easily discoverable I really don’t know. It would be interesting information for people trying to post about or otherwise discuss (or for EN24, maybe report?) about. I mean the idea that Horde are holding off Goons should be a reported thing. Why the silence?

Second: Okay, who the hell pulled a “Mission Accomplished” about WWB? And when do I get to execute them 40k commissar style for sheer stupidity? Because damn that’s some major degree dumb right there. Goons still have capitals and plenty of money, still have sov in PB and a good chunk of Fade, and are still a thing in-game. They’ve not been destroyed, deleted, or anything else. They’ve lost some allies, and Deklein and that’s it. I thought MBC was out to destroy the Goons/Imperium/CFC/Whatever? A few weeks of war, and this is what we get? That’s boring as hell. MBC? Mostly Boring Coalition? Sorry, just annoyed. This isn’t a war – read Groen’s book for what a war sounds like. A war lasts years, is painful and grindy as hell, and involves a lot more shitposting, smugging, propaganda, and other bullshit. Goons fight that way, and will wait until you’re looking the other way before they (rightly if you’re going to be this dumb) club you over the back of the head. This was not a war. And I somehow doubt it’s over. Seriously r/eve, get a grip, and get back to fighting and/or shitposting. If you’re going to do a job, do it right, or fuck off to highsec with the carebears.


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  1. Random goon guy

    ..shhhh.. we never undock, dont ruin that for us.


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