Is this still happening?

Either someone paid a small amount of attention to my post last week, or else they had a lot of sugar recently – there’s been greater discussion about Fade again. Took a day or two, but at least it’s here now.

Nothing truly major to discuss (although Goons have lost some citadels.

First up we have a two part report on Crossing Zebras regarding an insider look at the war from a hordeling perspective.It’s pretty well written (there’s a link to the first report in the article I linked), and worth a read to see an alternative look at current progression. Four anchoring citadels (Fortizars are the large ones, yes?) blown up by MBC forces, including dreads. One good batrep link, but more would have been appreciated (perhaps as a bibliography or references section at the bottom). I’m honestly surprised that it has taken as long as this for the MBC to apparently return attention to Fade, but going by this article, it looks like Imperium forces will need to prepare for incoming hostiles (more so than usual?). I guess they just wanted to secure their backfield though (although considering CO2, and the fights happening there, I think they have more work to do in that regard).

Next, we’ve got news of FCON and a reset. That may not be concerning quite yet, but the wording leaves the situation open to interpretation from any side. A somewhat sarcastic response from the_mittani re-posted onto reddit gives us at least one look at internal attitudes. Otherwise, Goons are just happy to shoot them given opportunity again. No specific hate either way, just “we got dudes to shoot”. Although apparently FCON not participating in Burn Jita and other similar things bothered a few specific individuals in the SA EVE thread (one of them now) but whatever.

On a lighter note, we’ve got a good article regarding FCs and attitudes on CZ – I’d recommend that newer players take a glance over this. Hopefully we can get more new eyes on this, and pass it around. I’m hoping we’ll see a follow up with more focused advice around each of the three topics covered in each section. Good FC articles are rare.


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