Suddenly Explosions!

Well, looks like someone’s been paying attention. Or got as bored as I was becoming. Not only did we kick this week off with a double-whammy of exploding gear, we’ve also got serious Goon losses in Fade (and plenty of bias on both sides).

So there’s a set of three battle reports about what happened across the 16th and 17th. The CZ report is the most balanced, what with TMC focusing on the capital losses that MBC suffered on the 16th (with significantly more isk and capitals lost on the part of MBC in comparison to Imp forces – while Imp lost numerically more ships, following their usual attrition doctrine), while EN24 is biased more towards the isk lost on the 17th, which Imperium taking more (albeit T1 hull) damage and isk loss than the MBC did (with CO2 kicking the door in with nightmares – there’s a joke in there somewhere). CZ covers the gap between the two providing (comparatively) equal coverage of both nights.

All told, Imperium has lost 9/10 cats. Wait, no, I mean citadels (cits?). But that lost one ignored the rules of TiDi and anchored itself anyway. Apparently that’s a thing now – did anyone know this previously? I’m guessing CCP didn’t check this edge case? Wonder how long it will be before that’s patched? Do POSes ‘suffer’ the same issue? My understanding based on those reports it that it’s only an Astrahus – that’s the medium, right? With the Fortizar being the large, and Keepstar being the XL (well done Hard Knocks on getting one of the XL models built, albeit in a wormhole where it’ll be hard to shift).

Goon Fade gains have been significantly pushed back in the last 7 days, with them down to PB core, and a small patch of yellow elsewhere in the region. Apparently some MBC members have been drinking the Koolaid though, because by all accounts Imperium is neither down, nor out (or else they’d have all quit the game by now and gone off to play Stellaris). Heavily damaged, sure. Bloodied, and missing a few teeth, yeah. But they’re still metaphorically moving on both feet across the floor, and (going by the start of the week) throwing a few punches. But, if you really want to play into their narrative of “afgoonistan” then sure, go ahead and declare “Mission Accomplished”. I’m sure that’s going to end well.

And finally, we actually have reports from regions NOT in the north. Stainwagon vs Vanguard, with the possibly of DRF forces, FCON, or others dogpiling in as the region falls apart. It would be interesting if PL or NC. were distracted by this mess at this point of the war. Perhaps “World War Bee” should be “World War EVE” as the drums are sounding in other parts of the cluster now, as more and more factions get pulled in.

The only (currently) quiet areas seem to be in the west (going by the lack of reporting there), while the south and north are heated, and the east is growing into a potential hotbed for war activity also. I wonder if any alliances will push into space vacated by Horde in Querious?


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