Monthly Archives: June 2016

Just when you thought it was safe

A wild Seraph post appears.

And a wild Gevlon post appears (wait, I thought he was done with EVE?).

These two deserve a little bit of focus. Especially given the topics covered, and the writing styles used.

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It’s been a while.

So yeah – work, and holidays swallowed up a bunch of my time since I last posted anything.

But look at everything that happened since!

Goons are still sitting in Saranen(enenenenen) and sending out frigate fleets and destroyer groups. MBC are solidifying their hold on the north. People are still (to a lesser degree) hurling around propaganda and hurf (considering how much that spinmaster is being passed around, I think people should start heading to the clinic to get checked out, just in case), and things are still exploding. Not so many capitals though – PL seems to have finally learned that lesson – and Goons have less to crow about these days as it’s all gone quiet there.

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