It’s been a while.

So yeah – work, and holidays swallowed up a bunch of my time since I last posted anything.

But look at everything that happened since!

Goons are still sitting in Saranen(enenenenen) and sending out frigate fleets and destroyer groups. MBC are solidifying their hold on the north. People are still (to a lesser degree) hurling around propaganda and hurf (considering how much that spinmaster is being passed around, I think people should start heading to the clinic to get checked out, just in case), and things are still exploding. Not so many capitals though – PL seems to have finally learned that lesson – and Goons have less to crow about these days as it’s all gone quiet there.

Let’s start with the EN24 articles.

While I find Seraph to be sometimes enjoyable, but oft objectionable – his attitude in the comments makes him look worse than Goons on a regular bases – his analysis of the use of Fabian strategy by goons isn’t wrong. In fact it’s pretty much right on the money, in reality. Though with Goons, you do have to wonder how much of it is/was satire. Take them too seriously, and you’ll end up looking like you started licking the seat of the good old Spinmaster 5000 after eating a ghost pepper. Please, just don’t.

Next up the whole hellcamp of saranen. Considering the amount of capitals PL was feeding into that grinder at the time, I can see why Goons would be okay with it – fights being delivered right to your door, with only morons who don’t understand the mechanics of insta-undocks dying to it? Yeah, that’s like fast food delivery, but with more explosives. Still, with all the fighting there, Goons are having to transition to new income methods and fleet styles. Some of the more capital focused groups internally will be champing at the bit to get out and about.

The next article is another Seraph piece which, while it gets some things right, ends up being one of the “hurf against mittens” posts. Mittens is pretty much roleplaying as palpatine (intentionally or otherwise, so either way “point and laugh boys, point and laugh”) which makes some of this unnecessary and overblown. I’m becoming increasingly jaded about these sorts of pieces, as they just waste time, tell us nothing (other than that PL moved a citadel into place), and end up being “grr I hate x person/alliance” rather than some of the more enjoyable pieces by other authors. When Seraph writes like this, I tend to take issue, as he’s shown he can write better before now.

Next is an example of this (although it does sidestep into being terrible for a few sentences, as it hurfs some more in mittens direction). It’s quite general on the advice and discussion though, and I feel he could easily add more meat to it, or turn it into a series focusing on the efforts and uses of diplomacy. I’ll take a moment here to point out that the whole discussion of Mittens taking credit for the downfall of BoB is actually more because of the comment built off the back of the “I Was There” stories, which were ridiculously short, and usually missed lots of details because of this, so the one that got “Goonrushed” ended up being the winner, and missing details which nobody bothered to ask either DJ or Mittens or anyone who had been there for info about. But it ends up being accused differently, and then Mittens accepts it to annoy as many people as possible, because why not? Irritated people do not think rationally – remember this when a goon (or anyone, really) is trying to troll you.

We’ve got a non-Seraph piece which is pretty balanced overall. At this point we saw goons trading more inexpensive hurricanes for more costly capitals still. That said, with the Goon coffers often fronting the bill, rather than individual pilots, one wonders how much longer the Imperium forces can continue this.

The next piece is largely focused on knowledge of the MBC forces guarding the null regions the Goons want. Of course, when you don’t have as much knowledge of your enemies as you do of your own forces, then it’s difficult to make decent estimates of how things will play out, and difficult to write a fully balanced article. Especially when both sides are still maintaining “opsec”. It’s not wrong though, in that as more time passes, and the groups mentioned entrench themselves moreso in their nullsec regions, Goons will have an increasingly difficult time removing them. The question we’re all waiting for, regardless of Goon declarations, is “where will they go next?” because there’s no way Goon leaders will let their members die off or leave, if they have any sense.

We’ve got another Seraph piece, reviewing a TMC Matterall article. Say what you will, Seraph is prolific. It ends up coming across as an attack on Matterall (or at least his position) – while I agree with Seraphs position that MBC blued up for this one task (shooting the Goon-led coalition to death) and no other reason, and will thus splnter and fight internally until another external threat appears, I agree more with Metterall in regards the involvement of IWI money into the mix. In fact, I’m pretty strongly in support of removing isk gambling schemes from the game, as there is no real way to readily remove that from the game through normal means. There is no sink to counter this faucet of isk. I still applaud the ingenuity, but I think that we should remove gambling from within EVE – it is one thing to run random “lotteries” off EVE radio, as the isk ends up in the hands of players in-game who will inevitably splash that cash onto combat ships for some other EVE radio event (or some other isk sink, such as skillbooks, or the minerals another player has mined, etc etc). Where does the isk that IWI generates go to? And I mean when it is not being used to pay groups like PL. We’ve seen it used famously for Skill Injectors, but otherwise… what? There needs to be a sink to counter the faucet being poured into this specific pond/bowl (to continue the metaphor). Or some way to put holes into that isk pond, so that we can start leaking it out. EVE is meant to be a game of risk – and for the IWI house bank, where’s the risk? Plenty for the players, obviously, the house always wins, but what about the house? Where are the casino heists for stealing from the mob? Confidence games, thieves, etc? I’d love to read another GHSC story of theft, confidence tricks, and shenanigans. Intelligent and/or exciting theft is fun to read about.

Next up is a hurf attack piece. With no links to most of the referenced material (except that which supports the authors claims) I find it disingenuous at best. What few interesting or good points that exist within the article are buried under layers of yawn worthy hurfing at the Goon bogeyman. Are we at the point that the new powers in the north must now defend the “moral weakpoints” in their successful conquering? Must they now try to play the “good guy” to the Goons “arch villain”? How dull. While the pearl clutching about IWI in the referenced article is pretty bad, the general point of “gambling in EVE is not a positive thing” is still reasonable and valid (albeit poorly presented, as I may have commented previously). “What about the children?” is a poor argument. The better argument is “we can’t shoot it or steal it, so why is it in the game”. Although I am curious about any legal issues, to say the least. The counter argument about TMC is laughable at best – how much money does EN24 make? Or Crossing Zebras? I would imagine they make the same money, maybe a little more in terms of RealBucks. So the idea that TMC is fronting an entire coalition is quite foolish to put into print, and reads like the worst elements of tinfoil hattery. EN24 historically has a print quality that doesn’t always match up to the likes of CZ and TMC (although TMC has declined in recent years, but even so) – but it usually manages somewhat better than this.

Razor leaving the Imperium is an interesting comment on the internal state of affairs. I think it’s safe to suggest that a GSF super alliance, sucking dry groups that choose to leave will inevitably come out of this. GSF has historically stated that super-alliances are the way of the future, and we will doubtless see them attempt this position as the remnants of the Imperium fall apart and are reduced to exiting shells, while GSF tries to expand further to make up enough PvP numbers to begin assaulting a new null region. Razor has clearly decided that they want to extract safely before they’ve decided who they will blue to next (if anyone). Considering their history, I wish them well, as it will be a sad day if they ever close their doors for good.

This article about Test and CO2 attacking PL exemplifies Seraphs earlier article (and good points therein) about internal fighting vs unification against external threats. The “Third Partying” of Goons in this fight is a bit odd, but understandable – they get to welp on the killmail. It’s interesting to see TEST and CO2 allying together, especially given the past of CO2.

With Lawn falling apart (or off a cliff) I have to wonder how much longer they’ll last before folding into GSF proper. Losing that much strength that quickly never bodes well for the stability of any alliance.

We finish with yet another Seraph article which devolves into being more of an attack piece on Goons. Far from providing anything new, or at least interesting, we instead get a lot of rehashed information that has previously been better posted elsewhere. This could have been much better. As this is a series, I’m hoping he’ll pick up with more informative material later on. But given his track record, I’m doubting it – but maybe he’ll prove me wrong. Let’s hope so. The hurf from both sides is – as I said – tiresome and dull. Most of the article ends up being comments from people external to the CFC trying to comment on the internal workings. Grath talking like he knows what goes on inside GSF is as laughable as Mittens suggesting that he knows what goes on inside Endie’s mind. In fact, on that note, only Endie says anything interesting or of note (as quoted in the article). You can rely on Endie to (most of the time) have a pretty reasonable grasp on EVE facts (or at least get pretty close to the truth of things).

From CZ while I would recommend the pick up lines, we have a pretty good summation of early steps in the war as it stands, and I would recommend reading this piece if you haven’t already. I’m awaiting the following pieces with interest, as this article is quite an interesting read for the perspective given, and the bias is largely muted.

There was an article on either TMC or EN24 that was pretty much a “newbie” angry rant, but I can’t find it. It has suspiciously vanished from either site. Apparently the backlash from all sides was enough to see it pulled. I’d like it if I could find it though, if only for amusement.

Regarding TMC, the amount of articles has been amusingly low compared to the (relative) crowing on EN24 (no matter how well deserved, it does wear thin after a while).

The first of three relevant articles is one from a line member perspective. It’s not too bad, and at least the bias is honest. It does showcase that GSF (once the ‘fabian strategy’ was pursued, and even before then, really) didn’t really care as much as people expected them to. At least GSF proper, anyway. We’ve seen a few drama queens (I’m looking at a certain korean FC here), and others, but for the most part, GSF has largely transitioned over to being lowsec raiders and pirates (of a sort anyway) with highsec incomes, and the ability to fly through null, because null is still about as empty as ever, across most of it. (No really, take some time, hop in an exploration frigate, and fly around making money off relic sites while checking out the null population – it’s quite empty outside of the chokepoints and capitals).

Next up is Matterall’s article which Seraph ran a counter article to which I commented on earlier. For my tastes it is quite balanced and well written (At least when compared to Seraph’s piece), and I tend to agree with most of it. It even has an update referencing Seraph’s article for fairness (regardless of what you think the reasoning is, this is still a Good Thing). I’ll admit I find myself increasingly at odds with Seraph’s pieces, but that’s largely because he’s proven previously he’s capable of writing some quality pieces. Currently, we instead find ourselves overloaded with too much hurf and propaganda from him instead, which is disappointing as we know he can write much better articles when he doesn’t do that. Nothing on the level of Endie, I’ll grant you, but still pretty good. Hopefully he’ll stop propagandizing, and get back to some good blogging instead.

Finally we have a publicized alliance update from Init. which gives us a look at goings on elsewhere in null. It’s worth a read (with salt), and is quite interesting to see an alternative take on recent happenings, which I would readily recommend. It would be interesting if the rest of the Imperium elected to join Init in their new space to serve as a foothold for new null campaigns, but given the use of null bubbles at NPC null stations, this seems unlikely. Politically, CFC will have to eventually “run away” from MBC (or whatever they become) forces, if they want to gain a new and/or significant null income. Then build up strength and return to continue the hellwar. Symbolically, they would either have to follow up on their intent to retake deklein, or instead focus on completely flatlining the CO2 alliance, chasing them out of the game. Whether or not Goons will do this is another matter. They can’t exactly rely on frigates, destroyers, and Stunt Stratios ideas forever.

Phew! Politics caught up with (mostly, I didn’t touch on r/eve), I’ll try to get a piece out on the patches and updates from CCP (including tomorrow’s patch when it hits) as the mechanical changes over the past month have been interesting.


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