Just when you thought it was safe

A wild Seraph post appears.

And a wild Gevlon post appears (wait, I thought he was done with EVE?).

These two deserve a little bit of focus. Especially given the topics covered, and the writing styles used.

So first up let’s tackle the Goblin.

It covers a lot of ground blaming ratters and Lenny for large chunks of why Goons lost the WWB to date. RMTing is also thrown around as being a problem among Goons. Not to mention lacklustre numbers from Goons in fleets. Fingers are also pointed at killboards not being percentage based (as opposed to currently where they give full value to everyone), and at inactives/carebear leeches.

While all of these things can be problems, it’s an open question as to how many of them actually afflict Goons.

Ratters and high income in Deklein, even into 2016? Perhaps that’s an issue – or perhaps that’s both combat and non-combat pilots working at a high rate to suck up isk before a (self-fulfilling) prophetic collapse of the region. After all, if you know it’s about to end, why not try to suck up as much income and resources as possible before you take the exit stage left? Or so goes the logic. On one hand if people are ratting rather than fighting, then that’s a possible problem – unless the taxes from said ratting are going into your SRP program, in which case they’re doing their job.

RMTing? This is one of the unknowns as to how prevalent this is – although really it’s something of an unknown we have to estimate for any sov-holding alliance.

Inactive pilots are a problem – see the Haargoth incident as to how and why – not least because they give the illusion of size, which then later ends up being proven wrong as pilots join channels that should be busy and filled with chatter but which end up being dead, dull, and depressing. The illusion of size also usually ends up accelerating a fail cascade, as once enemies realise that it’s just an act of bloat, they then begin targeting the alliance now-perceived as weak at the core.

The other kicker is the lack of pilots turning up to fights. Is this really because of a ‘Fabian strategy’ of denying PL another BR fight (which turned out in Goons favour, so you’d think they’d want that), or is it that too many Goon allied pilots were just bored, busy, or (Endie, Suas, Fawlty, etc) had left for greener pastures? Brain drain is as much a killer as anything else here, and we saw an accelerated version of this across the six months prior to collapse, a social factor which Gevlon ignores entirely, focusing on the raw facts of numbers, rather than attempting to look at social aspects. He’s a great number cruncher – look at his achievement in abusing the EVE economy so thoroughly as he did. But he’s piss poor at social critiques – which I think he knows, which (I think) is why he so often avoids it (or attacks those who critique him for failing at it). If he gave social aspects (and less quantifiable factors) more weight in his analyses, he might get further, and be given more credence than he generally is. Still, if we were to just point him at economics problems to solve, he’d beat just about everyone else hollow – perhaps that’s where he should be best employed, as long as he leaves the more social stuff to others, eh?

And he’s not wrong about percentage based killboards. Most of the ones I’ve ever used often ended up giving me more credit for kills I was on that I probably deserved. And we really need to see this change. For some it will be painful. But for the rest who want to see accurate meritocratical (I’m using that as a word now, shut up) statistics of combat outcomes in our battle reports, this would be a fantastic change as we could see a better take on the actual contributions of pilots overall and their relevant capabilities. To an extent anyway – how much more useful is a pilot who gets a kill on a titan with his dreadnought in comparison to that extra bod in the battleship fleet? And what about logistics pilots, or tacklers and ewar guys? Scouts? Intel? So yeah, there are still holes in the idea. But it would give us a better idea of abilities in comparison to right now where the guy who brings a couple fighter drones to whore on the mail before getting back to doing his actual job in the fleet still gets equal credit for the kill with all the guys who shot lots of bullets. We need to see logi get credit for what they do on its own merits (perhaps a “healboard” for ships saved/healing done? Or a “spotting board” for ships scouted/informed on? A “Tackleboard”? “ECMJerkboard” Etc) rather than them having to do the above.

It’s still one of his better posts.

Seraph, on the other hand

I think he stole the spinmaster 5000 from Mittens’ back yard as a souvenir or something.

He takes the “no comment” of “Really hard to say in retrospect.” from Carneros, and turns it radically at the end into a “He didn’t deny it so he totally would have done it” analysis. And apparently Bastion was offered a deal, but it got offered to someone (Cody) who didn’t pass it up to final decision from Bastion leadership (or at least never informed Carneros, anyway).

And with DaWinci quotes basically saying (yet again) “we really weren’t planning a supercap trap, but we admit we were totally trying to talk Lawn and Bastion into giving the Goons the finger and setting up a coalition together, and we got pissy when Mittens convinced them otherwise.” It ends with a FYGotMine response (look that up if you like). Please, go read it, I wish I was kidding.

On the plus side, at least he gives Suas some credit for flipping CO2, although given the published logs, it doesn’t seem as if it would have taken much anyway, especially if CO2 was trying to flip Bastion and Lawn for their own ends.

All in all, we have a post from Gevlon with more content than the one provided by Seraph – I think that says enough all on its own.


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