Monthly Archives: July 2016

Oh no. Not Sion again?

Yep, he’s back. And so is Seraph, of course. And frankly I’ve been singularly uninterested in CCP’s latest offering of Sarpati related content (PvE is dull as hell in this version of the system, at least for me – I enjoyed the competitive nature of previous events, even it was occasionally aggravating).

Plus Seraph finally finished his version of the CO2 backstab story, so there’s that to analyse. Let’s get started.

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So we’re still doing this then

Okay, so a few more articles have come out.

TMC is largely silent on that front – very few good or even relevant articles have been released recently, at least in relation to EVE. Which is what I’m using this blog for, so not much point my discussing their other articles and content.

EN24 has a couple, and CZ has one good one, which we’ll go over.

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