It’s been a while

So yeah. Apparently life and work like to swallow up time I might otherwise use on updating this thing.

Also, RE: Goons, I fucking called it.

So yeah, in one of my earlier pieces I pretty much got it on the nose that they were heading to Delve. Like I said then, they’ve got history with that region, so it was pretty much that region or Fountain.

They’ve made interesting progress. What I find really interesting is that they’ve become “LSH’s allies”. They’re now the footnote to LSH in the region, and the exploits thereof. I think that’s pretty hilarious, all told.

They seem to be making good progress based on what EN24 and co have been posting. Massive losses in the most recent battle (Goons have lost their touch I guess? Oh no, Goons are dying, EVE is dying, :aaa:).

Equally hilariously, TEST deployed ineffectually, and then ran back to Vale after they realised they were gloriously supporting an obviously lost cause. I pootled around Delve just a month prior to¬† Goons leaving the north, and I gotta be honest – the place was dead. Anyone who was actually active there was either away, didn’t give a damn, or had long since quit the game and weren’t actually active except for delusions of grandeur. So like I said, the place was dead. Propping up dead or uncaring alliances doesn’t end well, so I guess that explains TEST flipping the bird to that idea.

And given that supposedly the conquest of Delve isn’t entirely complete, I find it curious that the Goons are fighting in Fountain. Supporting their LSH allies perhaps, to keep them sweet and build a buffer north of Delve so that the northern bods/new northern overlords have something to fight through before hitting Delve? I wouldn’t be surprised.

Makes me wonder how they’ll handle the politics in Querious, and other nearby southern regions.

For myself, I’m enjoying setting up two new characters – which of course will take about a year or two to become effective thanks to needing to train up core skills like engineering skills, navigation, etc. Not sure if I’ll alpha-clone those accounts, given that the alts on there have lots of awesome already-trained skills that I will want to use while these new alts (one for exploration, one for FacWar) get trained.

Still, on the subject of Alpha Clones, I’m cautiously optimistic, for once. It’ll be a much nicer way for folks to get into the game, without needing to risk any skin. On the other hand, as a few recent articles on CZ reminded us, the core gameplay loops are… less than stellar. Without fixing the NPE, Low sec in general, Fac War specifically, nullsec fixes, and a few other things, newbies will rapidly find themselves bored, especially if they end up spending all their days mining (I have never seen something kill retention as efficiently as highsec and mining – ever). There needs to be a better way. Perhaps new players should be encouraged to join more exciting and risky ventures. Piracy, RedvsBlue, Null groups who need tacklers, ewar insanity, some more involving exploration content, a more active Live Events team, anything as long as it’s more welcoming and exciting to a new player than poking rocks with lasers in highsec all day long.

Mining is great if you need to chill, or just do something while doing something else (although then we get the argument “if you need to do something else while playing this game to enjoy it, then why the hell are you playing?” – there’s yet to be a good excuse for that one, I think. Plenty of Excuses, just not good ones). But if you’re actively mining in highsec, it’s pretty fucking dull. Mind-numbingly so. Nullsec is a little better, and ninja mining in lowsec isn’t too bad if you’ve got someone hunting you and you’re using warp ins to avoid their instalock bullshit. But otherwise, PvP and exploration tend to be a hell of a lot more fun. Certainly a hell of a lot more exciting and risky than any amount of mining, hauling, or trading. And if you think you can tell me any exciting stories of those, I guarantee it’s because someone was shooting at you. And if it doesn’t involve that, then I’m sorry, but you live a very very fucking boring EVE life. But, y’know, power to you if that’s your bag. I guess.

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