Karma is… you know

So yeah, I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.

I know, I know, it’s petty, but the “I told you so” moment is always fun.

Especially in this case.

So it looks like Pandemic Horde, and “PanFam” are going to invade Tribute. Wait, what was that, CO2 is already living there? And they allied with the MBC already? Huh. I guess that memo was lost in the mail?

First, this is hilarious. Second, CO2 earned it and I couldn’t be happier (see previous posts as to the why and the wherefore). Third, it’s really hilarious and :popcorn: will be happening.

Seriously though, what did CO2 leadership expect? Really? You invite NCdotte, PL (and co), and others besides to come live next door. You didn’t expect the inevitable? Really? You didn’t expect them to betray the betrayers? You expected them to trust the local turncoats? If you did, I’ve got a titan to sell you, please come to jita, make sure to transport some plex, it’ll be perfectly safe, I assure you. Do it in a shuttle or newbie ship, just to be sure.

We’ve got some wonderful propaganda pieces turning up on reddit already as well. Interestingly, EN24 only references NCdotte doing the deed. I find this quite delicious given that in spring the MBC members and rallying train on reddit were holding CO2 to their bosom, claiming that they were besties, and no really, agreements had been reached, and CO2 was totally with the in-crowd now. Oops. Guess not, eh?

Sure, sure, try and suggest that it’s totally different, no really, the MBC is different from CFC because they went back to shooting each other (which makes CO2’s actions even dumber than previously painted to begin with already), and yet if agreements had been made by the MBC as a faceless whole that CO2 was totally going to be left alone… Errr, wait, I’m sure there was going to be a point somewhere about who maybe this isn’t someone betraying Co2, right? Oops, guess not.

Not that I’m complaining – go for it, betray CO2 all you like, I’m cheering you on, and they earned it already. Don’t be humble and deny it – revel in it. You just betrayed a group of turncoats. You’re squashing a bunch of people who turned on their friends. I hear in EVE loyalty is everything, so you’re totally doing community service here. Remember to grab some celebratory cookies on your way, m’kay?

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