Tensions build in the north

Okay, so another day in, and it looks like the new war is brewing nicely.

We’ve had a quick taste of how well CO2 can fight, against low-sec groups.

And also, a new Empress (sadly I missed out on the chance to attend or gate crash).

Ladies first, I think. So the Empress was crowned last night in actual fact, around 20:00-ish. After that, she had a quiet chat and some tea with the Minmatar leader, Shakor. And some people got blown up during her public address – two blew themselves up, the other was the champion for Aritcio Kor-azor (I’d have preferred Aritcio still be alive, but what’s done is done) who got blown up for being rude. Too bad. Outside of that, it doesn’t sound as if anything else fascinating happened there, so lets move on.

CO2 had a large battle in Taisy, right on their doorstep. They only lost 2/3 of the amount their opponents lost, by the end of the battle, but according to EN24 things started off a little shaky for CO2. Considering this fight was “merely” against a pair of lowsec alliances (with serious firepower on both sides) who aren’t (yet?) involved in the war on CO2, I’m not sure how well this tells for CO2’s favour. On the other hand, gotta respect CO2, and their enemies for brawling it out – whatever else you can say about CO2 (and you know my feelings), their core of 300-500 PvPers are still pretty good fighters. But is that going to be enough against the forces of PL and NC? Sure, CO2 will have TEST, but recent events haven’t given anyone reason to put quite as much faith in TEST as previously.

And even if CO2 allies may end up outnumbering NC/PL (I doubt this will be the reality on the battlefield), that’s CO2 vs PL – I’d say PL would be the winner there, even if NC wasn’t involved. Right now (and I’m not a fan of PL) I’d say PL and NC are the ones to bet on if you can open up a betting line on the results of this new war. CO2, TEST, and a few others? Not so much. It’ll be curious to see if the extras, or Legion of Death (why all the x’s?) or DRONE WALKERS will choose to side with CO2, or even bother to involved themselves at all. I wouldn’t be surprised to see DRONE WALKERS or Legion decide to go their own way, look to their own borders, and keep out of this fight. As for the other, newer alliances, I don’t have enough knowledge of them to really say one way or another – but it wouldn’t be out of character for PL or NC to go after them first if they align with CO2 so as to crush the smaller groups before advancing on the larger foe. These newer alliances won’t necessarily have all the same infrastructure as CO2 or maybe TEST. Crushing them now removes them as a potential threat later, and forces their members to either leave, or join one of the two bigger groups. But PL and NC will (if they’re smart) have to let these small groups make the first move, or else force them to unify against PL. A better move would be to find some sort of diplomatic lever (carrot or stick) against the newer groups so that they stay out of the fighting, so that PL and NC only have to worry about CO2 and TEST. But it’s anyone’s guess as to what will happen there.

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