Rounding out the Alpaca farm

Like I said in my last article, I’ve come back with my experiences on the rest of the NPE in terms of how it plays out for each race.

It’s been interesting so far.

So I rounded out the Amarrian experience first before continuing onto the others.

One thing I noticed was certain use of personal pronouns – my character, although female in this instance, was referred to as “him”, rather than “them”. Something of a flaw. I’m guessing it’ll take a while to correct, as VA isn’t cheap.

Also, the background chatter from NPC fleet members is always the same, never changed up to reflect the new race you’re flying under. I suppose that was just a cost cutting measure. Too bad. Oh well.

It rounds out rather nicely, and the weapons and hulls given are quite nice, so I’d definitely rate the Amarrian experience (personal pronoun misuse aside) quite highly.

Gallente was less stellar. We went back to an American voice here, which was concerningly reminiscent of Tom Cruise. I do not say this in a good way. However, the VA does certainly sell the feel of talking to a questionable person of uncertain origin who may or may not be an under cover agent of the questionable powers hidden in the shadows of the federation, *wink wink nudge nudge*. It’s both covertly and later overtly played out (the SoE scientist continues to be largely the weakest of the VAs. Well played, but the weakest). That aside, it tries (and for me does so in a very wobbly manner) to get across the Gallente focus on freedom and culture, rather than the Amarrian focus on faith and fury, or the Caldari focus on money and militarism. I almost get a sense of American Civil War, crossed with WW2, crossed with a couple other eras in human history where great and/or terrible deeds ocurred, with questionable players on both sides of the divide. Almost. For my money, the Gallente and Caldari end up being the two weakest VAs/Stories. Sad, really, as I’ve always liked the Gallente, and early on my main character(s) was Gallente.

Minmatar, on the other hand, really is Winmatar, as it ends up being hands down, for my tastes, the best VA of the lot, edging out the Amarrian VA by a nose. Listening to yet another English accent is glorious, and the way the actress sounds in the midst of battle is absolutely fantastic! The only flaw is the odd spelling error, probably from all the copypasta of the script between the four races, before editing. But otherwise, it’s fantastic. Here is probably one of the “most good” characters we’ll get in our universe of shades of grey. The opposition between Amarr and Minmatar ends up being one of the better stories of this part of the game, when you compare the two, and the VA provided by Amarr and Minmatar is fantastic to hear. Amarr sounded quite heavy with gravitas in all the best ways, putting me in something like Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, while Minmatar was the kind of character who would have given Jamyl a run for her money! I cannot stress how wonderfully played these two actors were, and if you haven’t already, you should absolutely go and play through the both of them (Amarr first) for the experience. The fact that Minmatar get the best frigate as a reward is just the cherry on the top.

It’s a pity it has to end, although at least it all sends the newbies to the career agents first for the freebies and extra lessons. So there’s that at least. I do hope we get to see more of all of these characters, as they are all brilliantly done (although I continue to admit my super nerd bias towards the Minmatar and Amarr VAs over my usual loyalty to Gallente), and we absolutely need more of this sort of thing in game for the PvE, lore hounds, and other such things. Hopefully without detracting from any of the player built content and PvP shenanigans that made EVE what it is, but instead supplementing it and providing comparative content for other types of gameplay instead.


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