Deciding on direction

Okay, so I’ve got three “Omega” accounts.

My nullsec characters are as trained as I need them to be right now so I’m working on a couple alts – one for exploration, one for elite FW in frigates and destroyers.

Then I have the account that trains the character this blog is named for – he’s an independent, highsec, any gameplay I feel like, RP for the Gallente, do as I please sort of character. Mostly because he was my original main before I got sidetracked, and I’m now training him to be able to defend himself in multiple arenas. I’ve changed track from his industry focus to temporarily (for a few years) go all out on making sure he can actually shoot straight. Or do anything else combat-wise that I enjoy.

But now I have alphas.

Okay, so the break is there for the sake of saving space, as this one is largely just rambling.

Much like my title, I haven’t really decided on a direction.

Except that I wanted to write about trying to decide on one.

See, the alphas are cute and all, great NPE (more please) etc. But they’re limited.

There’s a set of Gorski articles over on Crossing Zebras which discuss good fits for the alphas. This is a great resource, and I highly recommend reading them, if you haven’t already.

But it leaves me thinking.

What do I actually want to do with these characters? I’ve got one of each, and I’m currently training up everything I can, while slowly (very slowly) going through the career agent missions for all the free shit.

Going by those articles, Gallente vexors, even at alpha level, are pretty damn good. Maybe even good enough to be thrown into making money. Do I do that by the rote running of missions? Or do I throw that character into FW? Maybe I try exploration instead, with my Caldari. Or will the caracal be a better mission runner due to being able to focus on the NPC damage hole? And what about Amarr? We’ve not got a Gorski article for those, but with an energy focus, I’m not sure how that will end up for making money. And Minmatar apparently have trouble, according to that article.

So, what do?

I’m also partially tempted to throw these characters into roleplaying. Or piracy. Or maybe one of the new alpha sections in nullsec groups, see if null can be handled by an alpaca.

But maybe not. Everyone who reads my blog knows I’ve got skin in null somewhere, and knows my bias (I dislike Co2 politics, PL/NC. etc etc etc, just go back and read if you need an education on my null political stance – the whys and wherefores are largely covered in the newbie Q&A thread regarding how veterans started. Check the bottom of page 6. It’s a little outdated, but you’ll get the general gist). So while there’s fun to be had there, I think I should stick my nose into other parts of the game.

So what about holes? I’ve dabbled a little, but never seriously played it. I don’t know if I have the time anymore though to be able to dedicate to a proper holer experience.

I’m not much of a trader, hauler, or miner/industry guy – I restrict it to Jack for a reason. Those gameplay types are out.

Maybe if I throw each character at a different thing?

So how do we split them up?

I’m not wild about the Caldari character, so I wouldn’t want to FW for them. Might be worth a giggle throwing them into RedvsBlue though – I guess blue federation (or whatever) and see what happens? Is that one?

The Gallente can’t be FW, because that’s what my FW alt is/will be. So what then? Null alpaca? I hear Karmafleet is recruiting. But so is horde. And that new pancake thing. Piracy then? But isn’t Pankcakes a bunch of nomadic lowsec ‘rats? Hmm, that’s a maybe then.

Amarr? There’s been a lot of goldie focused RP recently. Could be worth dabbling, testing the waters. Would PIE take an RP alt? Or should I just throw that alpaca into Curse or Provi and see what happens? I’m not sure I see an Amarr alpaca working as anything much outside of that perhaps. I suppose FW is to be considered there too.

Minmatar? I’ve got an idea for the RP character of this character, so I’m not sure if Piracy or FW would be appropriate. Or missionrunning. I think most of these alpacas will be RP to a degree. But there aren’t any live events I can really dig into anymore. Or are there? I’m finding that RP-wise, outside of loyalty to my main as Gallente, I prefer my matari style, just now – concerning background about elders aside. It’s the fault of those NPE intros. It really is. So while racially my matari is great for piracy or FW (sort of) I’m not sure I’d want to go that way.

Difficult choice. Suggestions?


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