Here’s a few things

Okay, so on a personal note, I grabbed all my freebies yesterday.

That’s a lot of stuff! Some of it very pretty stuff. Which I will probably never undock from the station I’ve stored it in. Too bad.

Also this is a thing. I do find it sort of amusing, but on the other hand they could just be redeploying their supers to lowsec to avoid bubbles – just like the Saranen strategy…

But that’s enough of that, let’s hop along to more interesting stuff.

So first up, I’m going to massively big up this one blog I’m currently reading right here.

It’s a fantastic read to see EVE from a new player perspective, and I would readily recommend it to everyone who plays this game. It’s adorable, encouraging, and even a little educational too.

I’ve only read the opening act though, but so far it’s a wonderful bit of work from a newbie. More please!

Next up is the CZ article here. I really like this, although I especially support the bit about giving newbies opportunities and encouragement to ask questions. Lots of them. And especially if you can also teach them to ask the right kind of questions. Somehow. This game is often more about learning than anything else, and knowing not just that you have to ask questions, but also how to ask them, which ones to ask, and when is also a pretty handy skill. Probably also a good general life skill as well, really.

Finally (for now) this article has me really excited. I absolutely want a Rift or Vive specifically for this. Valkyrie looks fantastic, and every time I hear something else about it, it makes me want it even more. The closest I’ll get for now is probably just frigate fights in lowsec though. I really should just jump into FW with both feet and no floaties, shouldn’t I?

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