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So, I didn’t exactly want to write about this, but when I saw the articles pop up, I felt that I had to.

I’d prefer to write about fluffy adventures in FW or something, and I will sooner or later.

But this and this sort of sprang up on me. Plus this, but take it with a pinch of salt.

Let’s deal with the Imperium piece first.

I’m not wild about the whole “MBC/CFC 2.0″ bit. Just call ’em MBC and move on. It’s unprofessional, and unnecessary. It looks trashy, and I’ve generally come to expect more. At least the editor warns us this was written prior to Co” evaccing their supers.

Some of the points are worth considering – for example, outside of “gudfites”, what is the PL/NCdot reason for doing all of this? We know that MC got involved because of rogue Co2 elements, but why the super friends? And why did TEST side with Co2? Really, not the propaganda.

But it’s not really much more than an opinion piece, with only just enough fact to survive publishing. It could have been a worse article, but we’ve seen better from Imperium news sources before, so this is disappointing. It’s just a high view bit, with no real nitty gritty, and mostly just asks questions.

The EN24 piece is much better, with actual detail, records from involved actors, reports on fleet positioning, some informal batreps, etc etc. It’s also up-to-date, so we know of the Co2 removal of caps, and it asks pertinent questions regarding this. I was originally going to remain with my “They’re pulling a Saranen” position, but the possibility that this is serious, and it really is a retreat, with (according to r/eve) only Nightmares and such left behind for the keepstar, then that is telling news.

I also respond to the fact that GigX trusts external factors more than an internal corp with little more than quiet amusement. If we trust the corp reports that GigX has it wrong (a possibility), then it is telling in regards his quality as a leader, and in regards his alliance level politics. Look to how someone treats his perceived inferiors. This is not good news. Unless you’re an enemy of Co2 in which case, go nuts. Still, a corp with an AFK CEO is not exactly in the best position to be of use to a PvP alliance to begin with, regardless of the veracity of spies in this situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if GigX just used this as an excuse to remove their corp for perceived inactivity. Notice that? Pretty good efficiency, right (not amazing, but it’s reasonable)? So why are they gone? Still, what’s done is done, and frankly, props to them for finding a good way to send a message via the logistics group.

I know, I know, it hurts some of the more innocent line members remaining with Co2. And that sucks. But if you’ve just been vilified by your former leadership, then you’re already an enemy of said leadership, so at that point, you might as well do anything you can to hurt them and bring them down. Not the nice and fluffy viewpoint, I know, but GigX isn’t nice or fluffy, and this is basically a massive middle finger to his leadership and attitudes. By treating people this way, he’s earned it. It’s going to really suck for the line members who didn’t do anything to deserve it though. But if you’re dragged into a war, then you sometimes gotta make war on the lines of logistics that an enemy is using for transportation of war materiel. This is what that looks like.

Then M-O happened again, but this time Co2 got hit harder, and pulled out the supers to safety (or to sell, in some cases). What’s left is an expensive target in space filled with juicy spaceships to murder. Now, I’m sure there’s a word for that…

Do I think Co2 deserve it? On a leadership and upper management level, hell yes. But props to the FCs and line members for fighting to hard – NC and co have admitted it has been a hard fight. That’s a hell of an achievement, when you get right down to it. I just hope this all ends with a suitable bang, rather than the whimper of GigX hightailing it outta there.

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