Arek’Jaalan and the Mysterious Shuttle

I am reproducing my previous work here so that it is not necessarily lost.

This is work on investigating the Geztic Mysterious Shuttle, and the Charmerout Mysterious Probe.

I get that the old Arek’Jaalan stuff is largely considered dropped/ignored/etc, but in-character in-universe it’s still there, still continuing, and I don’t remember any official shutdown or acknowledgement of such, at least not on the capsuleer end.

I’ll get around to an M-0 post at a later date (possibly today or tomorrow if I remember).

References of related work by other capsuleers:

(EDIT for blog – I know these links no longer work. They also do not work or exist on the backstage rebuild of the wiki. I do not know if these pages might exist on the wayback machine).
Sun Stats:
A0 (Blue Small)
Luminosity 0.81
Age 3,396,000,000 Years
Radius 522,900 km
Spectral Class F9 V
Temperature 6025 K

Shuttle this far only responds to ECM. No response to other modules.
Is “pushed” away from ship when ship is between shuttle and star. Is otherwise “pulled” toward ship when ECM is active and jamming.
ECM loss/deactivation under 100km results in shuttle “slowboating” back to beacon. Above 100km results in shuttle warping back to beacon. this cannot be interrupted by point/scram.
Successfully made it 185km away from beacon and held shuttle there (it stopped that far away).
This was done at a roughly 90 degree angle to the line between beacon and star.
Shuttle possibly warps back after set period of time, even if jamming is held?
Shuttle moved 108km when “pushed” away from the star, and moved 256km, when moved at a below-90 angle to the sun, horizontally.
Perhaps it is trying to stay within a certain range of the sun’s corona?
Once an unknown distance from beacon/sun is reached, the shuttle stops dead in space, and will not move further.
Is this distance randomized?

How far can the shuttle be pushed or pulled, given permanent jamming?
It has been reportedly pushed/pulled out to above 500km+ distances, given time and permanent disruption of the magnetic sensor system onboard the ship in question.

I have attempted to cap out the shuttle (I checked using ship scanner).
No change when 0 cap reached.
Either by nos or neut.

remote cap booster failed to initiate.
Ship scanner provided same data as reported (Shuttle has 625Gj power, rather than 25Gj normal – otherwise just a normal invincible shuttle). Ditto cargo scanner (empty ship).
Survey scanner, relic analyzer and data analyzer returned nothing, or failed to work.

Beacon does not respond to similar stimulus.

Binary communication attempted, but thus far unsuccessful.
Codewords required?
Alternate language needed? (Base64? ASCII?).

Jamyl Sarum?
Some references to Amarr religion?
A ping/Ack pair?

I am using this tool for translations:

Wormholes found repeatedly within system. Has occurred on every full system sweep with probes thus far.
K162 x2
M555 x3
Checks: 4

The bracket in space (not overview) is labelled “The True Immortal” when you mouse over it. Why?

Something about it reminds me of Ellen Ripley in the second Alien movie, Aliens. The way she drifts in a low-powered cryo tube in an escape shuttle though most of space before she is stumbled across by a salvage team.

Early Supposition later disproved – shuttle relies on magnetic relationship with the star, and use of ECM with magnetometric strength will have stronger effect.
Disproved by: use of Caldari Gravimetric ECM was stronger. Potentially relative to ship racial weaknesses, or possibly relative to wormhole weaknesses to gravitational waves?
Gallente jams were strength 8.1, while caldari jams were 7.6, yet caldari were stronger.

Perhaps it is waiting for a specific ship-type to arrive on grid? (I also level this specific question at the Mysterious Probe in Charmerout).

And now I have something else to investigate – is there still a “violent” wormhole sitting around in the Promised Land system?

re-reading the info text, it states the shuttle has a “receiver” rather than a sensor. What is this receiver receiving from the magnetic field of a star?
Is it sensor data? Or… something else?

This is an A0 star, and OOC are known for prior iso-5 scooping.
Also, wormholes are supposedly powered by the instability of iso-5 or similar, but are disrupted by gravimetric waves (usually known to be produced by caldari racial gravi ECM jammers).
Or to be more accurate, sansha wormholes are disrupted by gravi ECM.
So if this shuttle is receiving… what, iso-5? data on what happens after an iso-5? data about the A0 star that results from the iso explosion?
And if it’s reliant on this, and gravi sensors disrupt it, perhaps the automatic sensors are then causing the shuttle to exit the immediate vicinity of gravi distortions, until it is able to return unmolested to the scan point.

Possibly the living being inside is a sansha? maybe acting as a living computer or sensor node for the sansha hivemind? And broadcasting data back to the hive?

Found these:,Zog6gEd,yTWibEJ,vMVYhWO#0

Sitting in system. Why do they look similar to drifters?

And this being an A0 star, but no shattered planets…
Did it happen so long ago the planets reformed?
Or is this a peculiarity being studied by the shuttle somehow?

Again, I’ve found wormholes, and relic/data sites contained blue crystal asteroids.
I’m left wondering if that’s the reason the shuttle is here.
Maybe it’s trying to understand how/why wormholes form?
Do wormholes form more often around A0 class blue stars?
Is that why the shuttle is here?

Blog continues:

So yeah, this is far as I have gotten previously.

With the advent of Astrahus, I am tempted to save up the money to acquire and deploy on in Geztic so I can continue experimenting, although to do so requires creating or joining a corporation. I’ll have to think about that one.

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