Same old Same old

So someone posted this over on on INN.

Same old story about the fall of BoB.

Is there anything new?

Well, as it happens, not entirely.

It covers all the same old punches.

Great War, Goons vs BoB (and pets get a mention), enmity, Mittens, Hargoth Agamaar (sp?), the disbanding, some small bit of the outcome, etc.

But, we actually get more voice recordings. And Hargoth actually speaks on the subject, sort of. So for me it’s new as it’s the first time I’ve literally heard his side of things (as opposed to decade old forum posts).

Mittens covers his usual talking points (although we learn that it was a fellow lawyer who actually stumbled over Hargoth’s alt in the first place), with little mention of other alliance leaders, or spies/spymasters involved. I mean, it’s a 20 minute spot (including the adverts) so not exactly time to go into bags of detail as this is aimed at listeners who have no idea of our little corner of the world (virtual or otherwise). But a few words might not go amiss. Or not – maybe that would just confuse a newbie.

On the whole, it’s the same story, given a fresh coat of paint, and a few new features, trotted out for non-EVE players to get a bitesize view of our little world. So new for them, a little new for me, but otherwise old hat in general.

And if you want a daily dose of tinfoil, is this Mittens trying to make nice with the wider press?

For me, at least, I enjoyed listening to it over a lunch break, so it’s not the most terrible thing in the world. I mean, it wasn’t exactly boring. There’s a ringing endorsement for you.


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