Pointless ramble

So I haven’t written in a while.

I haven’t logged in much either.

I got distracted (planning a wedding, and playing that new Foxhole game will do that).

But oh look, a new Project Discovery…

So, it’s a little annoying, to say the least.

Sometimes it’s really obvious (when you spot a few significant gaps, or “drop fangs” as I saw someone call them.

Sometimes, not so much. I’ve had a few where the so-called “patterns” were extremely well hidden. How they expect a human to spot patterns like that is beyond me!

Still, it’s an ‘interesting’ little game, and I do really like the SKINs we’re getting from it. It’s a colour combination from another game I like (mechcommander gold), so it’s an instant plus for me.

It’s just a pity that the way the “game” feels is so… defensive? It almost feels like it’s trying to push you away. Which, given that we’re supposedly contributing to science here, doesn’t seem so great. It’s a pity to lose the protein mapping thing though – I quite liked that. I would have preferred to have both options be available, rather than just one at a time. But, c’est la vie. Doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Much like the rest of EVE.

I’d take a moment to talk about Foxhole (it’s like a shorter term EVE on a 2d plane, in pseudo-WW2, with as much reliance on logistics (as in hauling and building) and tactics/strategy  to actually do what needs to be done), but that would deserve an entire post in its own right, and wouldn’t actually be about EVE at all.

It does, however, highlight our reliance on the actual logistics crews of EVE. Not you space priests, but the actual haulers, builders, researchers, etc who keep us all supplies with guns and ammo (and ships, and structures, and fuel, and drones, and…). Without all that effort, we wouldn’t have any of the awesome wars. Or any of those big fights CCP used to love (and still supposedly loves) to make a big deal about in their advertising for this game. No logistics teams to supply your war effort? Then no war effort. It all falls apart quite quickly if you don’t have a source of equipment and ammo manufacture.

I’ll admit, it doesn’t stop it from being boring. Seriously, doing logistics work, manufacturing, mining, hauling. It has to be probably one of the most boring collections of tasks (unless you’re under fire) that I’ve ever encountered. I mean, it’s one thing if you’re doing it in a blockade runner, or otherwise have to run the supplies past hostile territory or whatever. But if it’s just generic hauling from A to B? Dullesville. Seriously, remember to thank your logistics groups, because those guys have one of the most strenuously boring collections of tasks in all of EVE.

I’m not even kidding, there’s a ton of mental effort sometimes to know where stuff needs to go, how, who for, why, etc. Gotta manufacture and plan ahead for what will be needed and in what amounts. Extra stress if you gotta built and supply for a combat assault of some sort. Worse still if you gotta do it for an entire campaign. If you could define the most boring nightmare in existence, I’d say it’s probably being a logistics guy in the middle of a campaign that is in urgent need of supplies.

Makes me glad to be a combat/exploration pilot. Infinitely more fun to deal with combat tactics, strategies, and sneaking past hostile targets to explore stuff and steal signature resources from their backfields. Bonus points if you play blackops/bombers and go in there and disrupt their ratting crews to really hack them off. even if you only make them dock up, instead of killing them outright, you’re doing your job and disrupting (even if temporarily) their money flow. Every little helps.


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