What goes around comes around…

Obvious bias is obvious: I dislike Co2 leadership. This is an understatement, I think they are a massive bag of dicks, and they make fozziesov look like the gentle ideas of a hill of wool-brained sheep.

Obviously this is going to be an opinion piece, so take it with the usual mountain of salt (I’ll supply it, don’t worry), because holy shit I’m loving this right now!

I first started disliking Co2 the first time my fun highsec corp I was in decided to go null and joined them. They weren’t bad, but they were disorganised as hell, and generally acted pretty dumb from my (at the time very noobish) viewpoint. In hindsight, they were moronic at the leadership level. I still feel bad for the folks who stayed loyal – now I’m on the outside looking in, it looks like battered wife syndrome.

The second time, when my highsec corp decided to merge with another Co2 corp a few years later, it didn’t go any better. Some guys weren’t a perfect fit, but instead of working with the line members directly to try and negotiate and straighten things out to make a more comfortable fit, a rando director decided to blow his top and shout at me (I had been a director prior to the merge myself) as if I was somehow responsible for the actions of a  guy in a different timezone, several weeks on, when it was now his job to handle that shit – no I’m sorry, I’m not a director anymore, I’ve cleaned my hands of that shit, I did my due diligence during the handover, if you can’t do your job, don’t shit on me after I absolutely did mine – also, this is a game, get the fuck over yourself, holy shit.

A note at this point to newbies – if your leadership/corpmates are acting all superior, or being douchebags, or get highly strung over inane bullshit, then get out and go join a more chilled out corp asap, even if you have to leave null for a little while to do it – this is a game, have fun, and stay away from the jerks, because they are the game killers, and you’re here to have fun (and hopefully blow them up!).

Admittedly if it’s a line member doing it, not a director/other leader, then you might be better off (if the rest of the corp is chill) by gathering evidence, and forwarding it to your directors/CEO/whoever is your appropriate HR-style bullshit fixer. If they don’t get it fixed soonish (maybe give it a couple of weeks if you’re feeling patient) then yeah, at that point if you’ve complained a bunch and it isn’t sorted, it probably isn’t going to be, so get out, like I said.

So, yeah, fast-forward and we all know the history earlier this year and late last year involving Co2. Let’s not rehash too much – tl:dr they backstabbed, tried to be innocent, but we all knew it was bullshit, etc etc done.

Never trust these guys with so much as a pet cat (the cat will probably either maul them and run for the hills, or die a sad kitty death because they fucked it up).

So more recently, this happened.

On the one hand, it was about time Co2 got :commissar: ‘ed. And I can’t think of any jackass more deserving of it than GigX. The guy is a massive primadonna. Drama queen. Tries to be a diva, but ends up as a whiny baby. This is a game, the RL death threats are significantly shitty. Ditto the doxxing. At least SirMolle had more grace and dignity than this shitball. Okay, not by much, not even a lot, but he still totally had more dignity than this.

This shit is not cool. What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? I mean, I get salty whenever I lose a dreadnought (I just keep it a little cool by logging off and going to play something else, or hanging out with my fiancée and chilling out, maybe watching some tv show or movie or whatever), but holy overreaction, batman!

But, okay, sure. Let’s play devil’s advocate on behalf of the poor beaten wives. Sorry, line members. But yeah, seriously, TheJudge didn’t want to hurt the poor innocent line members, so he fucks them over with the citadels, and trapping a shit ton of assets and some massive isk-worth of other stuff too? Obviously this shit is going to hurt the line members. They’re better off without GigX, no question, but this shit is bananas. He would have been better off writing an apology to the line members he’s fucked over, or just not saying anything at all and taking his lumps.

Does the leadership (GigX specifically) deserve this shitstorm? Yes! But the line members… ehhh. On the one hand, they’re still backing GigX up and trusting him to tell them the truth, so that much is on them I guess. On the other hand, a lot of folks are getting caught in the middle and that’s not cool. I guess if you’re going to shut down GigX, this was unavoidable though. Which goes right back to him needing to just not talk about it at all I guess.

Hopefully the line members will find places with other (not shitty) alliances. Preferably with less insane leadership.

As to GigX? I hope someone calls the cops on that guy – he’s either a criminal, insane, or both.


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