Finally getting somewhere

So I’ve not posted in a while – partially due to brain drain, partially due to work, and partially due to wedding prep.

Weddings take effort, who knew?

So here’s a post about stuff I’ve been up to, and my reactions to fanfest.

So I’ve been doing some work on my high-sec alts.

My explorer alt is finally getting to a place where I can unleash her on the universe (or at least data and relic sites in k-space) while she carries on training for bigger things (like a stratios, or dirty dirty pvp in a curse). Although I had to do mining (spit) to afford some skills – mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to transfer wealth from my main characters. Still need to afford the recon skill and maybe one or two others though.

The other character for FW is shaping up nicely. More mining (ugh) for skills, though I did get a not-CODE CODE character turn up in local threatening mining permits. I prepped a frigate to fight against them, but they never actually turned up to pew pew me. Too bad.

And my main which this account is named for is also getting somewhere – finally got a bunch of skills to V. I’ve added more to do though, including a lot of gunnery skills, as I like big guns (I cannot lie). Especially artillery. Blame it on Clear Skies (which i finally burned onto DVD to watch on a tv screen rather than my computer – totally worth it).

Right, so, Fanfest! So there won’t be another until 2020? Noooo! I’ve been wanting to go for years, but never had time/money to do it. Now I have to wait even longer. Argh! Still, at least there’s other stuff in London and Nottingham that I might be able to go to if I’m lucky.

Triglavians? Hmm, I’m not so sure. I mean, yeah, the reveal was awesome, but putting players in these big ships as a counter to drifters isn’t something I’m wild about. I know, I’m wierd, it’s a new ship, I should be happy, etc. But I’d far rather have seen technical progress on the part of the Empires, rather than having us just straight swipe tech so we’re all flying triglavian ships if we want to fight drifters – I like rolling up in a mixed ball of different ships for different tasks. The gun mechanic seems interesting, though. And the deadspace diving. Sort of.

Mutaplasmids – I’m left a little cold at this. I’m hoping 6-12 months down the line (or sooner) capsuleers will “discover” what makes them tick, and then we get different flavours of mutaplasmids which buff and nerf different things, so that we know the tradeoffs, and can figure out how to use them to radically alter the meta. More, have mutaplasmids buff things in such a way that each of the different mutaplasmids gives useful boosts, but with drawbacks so that all mutaplasmids are worth using, but each one for a different task, forcing us into a rock-paper-scissors choice for each upgrade. Because rock-paper-scissors is kind of EVE’s thing, or it was. Everything should be/have a counter for everything else, such that when you pick something, you’ll be great for one task, but someone else has a chance to bring a counter to you. And so you bring friends to counter them, etc.

PI improvements look like a good step – at least they’re iterating. Ditto the fixes to FW. We may see an improvement in fighting and a removal of any remaining botters, which is always good. Fuck botters.

If there’s anything else, then it didn’t really register on my mental radar for EVE. For me, these are the biggies. Overall, a good future I think. Let’s hope CCP stays the path.


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