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Finally getting somewhere

So I’ve not posted in a while – partially due to brain drain, partially due to work, and partially due to wedding prep.

Weddings take effort, who knew?

So here’s a post about stuff I’ve been up to, and my reactions to fanfest.

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What goes around comes around…

Obvious bias is obvious: I dislike Co2 leadership. This is an understatement, I think they are a massive bag of dicks, and they make fozziesov look like the gentle ideas of a hill of wool-brained sheep.

Obviously this is going to be an opinion piece, so take it with the usual mountain of salt (I’ll supply it, don’t worry), because holy shit I’m loving this right now!

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Pointless ramble

So I haven’t written in a while.

I haven’t logged in much either.

I got distracted (planning a wedding, and playing that new Foxhole game will do that).

But oh look, a new Project Discovery…

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Same old Same old

So someone posted this over on on INN.

Same old story about the fall of BoB.

Is there anything new?

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BB79 – Veteran Rewards?

Okay, so there’s a new blog banter out here.

Should CCP put more effort into rewards for loyal customers? The mystery code from the collector’s edition hasn’t seen much use and whilst veteran rewards have been mentioned by CCP several times at Fanfests, we have seen nothing. Wasn’t there talk of a special station only 10-year vets could dock in at one point?
Is this lack of gratitude towards loyal customers alienating? Do people wish for a change here? Is it too self-righteous to expect small signs of gratitude for being a loyal customer? Is a customer purchasing half a year in advance more loyal than someone plexing every now and than probably missing out a few weeks or months a year? How do CCP place rewards in game without hurting the economy?
Or is it just a case of there is no need and HTFU snowflake?

Current Events

So, I didn’t exactly want to write about this, but when I saw the articles pop up, I felt that I had to.

I’d prefer to write about fluffy adventures in FW or something, and I will sooner or later.

But this and this sort of sprang up on me. Plus this, but take it with a pinch of salt.

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Deciding on direction

Okay, so I’ve got three “Omega” accounts.

My nullsec characters are as trained as I need them to be right now so I’m working on a couple alts – one for exploration, one for elite FW in frigates and destroyers.

Then I have the account that trains the character this blog is named for – he’s an independent, highsec, any gameplay I feel like, RP for the Gallente, do as I please sort of character. Mostly because he was my original main before I got sidetracked, and I’m now training him to be able to defend himself in multiple arenas. I’ve changed track from his industry focus to temporarily (for a few years) go all out on making sure he can actually shoot straight. Or do anything else combat-wise that I enjoy.

But now I have alphas.

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Rounding out the Alpaca farm

Like I said in my last article, I’ve come back with my experiences on the rest of the NPE in terms of how it plays out for each race.

It’s been interesting so far.

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Fresh new world

At least for some people.

While the north is interesting, and seeing Seraph and his corp join Co2 (ahahahaha) I think I’d prefer to write about something of more interest recently.

It’s time for an alpha strike.

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Oh no. Not Sion again?

Yep, he’s back. And so is Seraph, of course. And frankly I’ve been singularly uninterested in CCP’s latest offering of Sarpati related content (PvE is dull as hell in this version of the system, at least for me – I enjoyed the competitive nature of previous events, even it was occasionally aggravating).

Plus Seraph finally finished his version of the CO2 backstab story, so there’s that to analyse. Let’s get started.

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