Deciding on direction

Okay, so I’ve got three “Omega” accounts.

My nullsec characters are as trained as I need them to be right now so I’m working on a couple alts – one for exploration, one for elite FW in frigates and destroyers.

Then I have the account that trains the character this blog is named for – he’s an independent, highsec, any gameplay I feel like, RP for the Gallente, do as I please sort of character. Mostly because he was my original main before I got sidetracked, and I’m now training him to be able to defend himself in multiple arenas. I’ve changed track from his industry focus to temporarily (for a few years) go all out on making sure he can actually shoot straight. Or do anything else combat-wise that I enjoy.

But now I have alphas.

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Rounding out the Alpaca farm

Like I said in my last article, I’ve come back with my experiences on the rest of the NPE in terms of how it plays out for each race.

It’s been interesting so far.

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Fresh new world

At least for some people.

While the north is interesting, and seeing Seraph and his corp join Co2 (ahahahaha) I think I’d prefer to write about something of more interest recently.

It’s time for an alpha strike.

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Tensions build in the north

Okay, so another day in, and it looks like the new war is brewing nicely.

We’ve had a quick taste of how well CO2 can fight, against low-sec groups.

And also, a new Empress (sadly I missed out on the chance to attend or gate crash).

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Karma is… you know

So yeah, I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen.

I know, I know, it’s petty, but the “I told you so” moment is always fun.

Especially in this case.

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It’s been a while

So yeah. Apparently life and work like to swallow up time I might otherwise use on updating this thing.

Also, RE: Goons, I fucking called it.

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Oh no. Not Sion again?

Yep, he’s back. And so is Seraph, of course. And frankly I’ve been singularly uninterested in CCP’s latest offering of Sarpati related content (PvE is dull as hell in this version of the system, at least for me – I enjoyed the competitive nature of previous events, even it was occasionally aggravating).

Plus Seraph finally finished his version of the CO2 backstab story, so there’s that to analyse. Let’s get started.

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So we’re still doing this then

Okay, so a few more articles have come out.

TMC is largely silent on that front – very few good or even relevant articles have been released recently, at least in relation to EVE. Which is what I’m using this blog for, so not much point my discussing their other articles and content.

EN24 has a couple, and CZ has one good one, which we’ll go over.

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Just when you thought it was safe

A wild Seraph post appears.

And a wild Gevlon post appears (wait, I thought he was done with EVE?).

These two deserve a little bit of focus. Especially given the topics covered, and the writing styles used.

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It’s been a while.

So yeah – work, and holidays swallowed up a bunch of my time since I last posted anything.

But look at everything that happened since!

Goons are still sitting in Saranen(enenenenen) and sending out frigate fleets and destroyer groups. MBC are solidifying their hold on the north. People are still (to a lesser degree) hurling around propaganda and hurf (considering how much that spinmaster is being passed around, I think people should start heading to the clinic to get checked out, just in case), and things are still exploding. Not so many capitals though – PL seems to have finally learned that lesson – and Goons have less to crow about these days as it’s all gone quiet there.

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