So we’re still doing this then

Okay, so a few more articles have come out.

TMC is largely silent on that front – very few good or even relevant articles have been released recently, at least in relation to EVE. Which is what I’m using this blog for, so not much point my discussing their other articles and content.

EN24 has a couple, and CZ has one good one, which we’ll go over.

So let’s start with this one. It’s the third in the Seraph discussion series. Thankfully during this series he’s dumped that unnecessary intro text. And this time he’s left it largely in “interview quote” mode, which isn’t all bad. With that said, we’re seeing DaWinci justify everything for the umpteenth time – sign of a guilty conscience in my opinion, as it’s already been done once but he’s doing it again? Something to hide or feel guilty over if you ask me.

On the one hand we’ve got groups like FCON who managed to leave the Goons with little in terms of serious assholery (regardless of what Mittens has supposedly said from on high), and did so after most of the significant events had occurred, and after all “allied” forces were “safe” in lowsec.

On the other hand we’ve got CO2 who decided (smartly or otherwise, depending on your point of view and how the rest of this year plays out in null) to dump coalition after a massive battle and right in the middle of an invasion. Forgive me if something smells a little fishy.

GigX and DaWinci have not acted with much in the way of decency or honour (which this constant need of theirs to continue justifying their actions shows). Sebastien, on the other hand, at least appears to have been a bit more honourable – it has been mentioned in the SA EVE threads (multiple now, which are worth paying the access fee to read) that he actually helped former allies evac their shit after the announcement was made by CO2 leadership. I’m still not sure if he knew, did not know, found out too late, or only knew the basics, but wasn’t told why it was done. Evidence isn’t quite as clear cut in his case as it would appear to be with GigX, DaWinci, and other CO2 leadership who knowingly made these choices (as opposed to those who voted under questionable information/evidence).

The worst of it is justifications relating to territory and worth thereof (where did they expect other coalition members to crash? And how exactly are they estimating their own worth compared to others?) and the stuff involving a single red corp (already previously discussed and dismissed).

Frankly, as an ex-CO2 pilot who watched two of their previous backstabs from the inside, I don’t trust much of anything CO2 leadership has to say anymore, and I feel bad for the folks who are still on the inside and still buying it. Maybe they’re falling for the social fallacy of thinking it’s worth rescuing from the inside. Sort of like thinking Goons or Bob could be ‘cured’ by the right person on the inside – never going to work, and it’s not worth trying to change the culture. As a now-safe CO2-outsider, my advice would be to anyone watching – fetch the popcorn and enjoy the show. It’ll be the most entertaining part of WWB so far. Sadly. Feel bad for the poor corps/leaders/members caught up in it, but enjoy laughing at the misadventures of the ones who knowingly bought into it.

I think this is the best of the series so far, so as long as Seraph keeps it factual, or provides raw interview text-dumps (and follows BBC attitudes and just gives us the info, and lets loons like me do the OpEd on it) rather than adding his own spin, it should improve. When he’s not in spin-class, he does quite well, as we’ve seen previously. More please.

This next EN24 piece gives us a pretty decent overview of the situation without much (if any) bias to worry about. Good stats, decent info. The fact that LAWN is still going is a pleasant surprise, and I would quite like to see them improve again under their own power. If this truly is the age of the “superalliance” then the sooner they get started on that, the better. I’m thinking the most we’ll see, rather than full coalitions, will be NIPs and NAPs, with no attempts to seriously “blue” people. Protect internal space, use diplomacy to seal agreements, and if someone tries to invade your space, don’t expect allied help – maybe allied opportunism as they break treaties though. The changes to the MBC (or what used to be the MBC perhaps) are already showing the early signs of this. It’s quite a feat for Horde to break 10k, though I’m curious exactly how many of those are active and/or still playing though. I’d ask the same of Karmafleet also.

Onto the CZ article now, which is fantastic. It’s a pretty reasonably mostly balanced view of how the conflict developed and where it all went, how and (somewhat) why. It shows how all the events formed a “perfect storm” which created the fall (read: exit stage left) of Goons from null. Not to say Goons were entirely forced – that implies that any majority of Goons formed to defend much of anything after M-O. Or even during, considering the numbers involved, really. I’d say the biggest flaw was the (extremely moronic) “Viceroy program” that really killed it. Publically, anyway. Privately? SMA and the IWI feud is what really set the dominoes falling. A few dumb decisions, by a few key people, and the entire house of cards comes tumbling down. Follow this with CFC not reinforcing allies (and allies not asking for help) and the rest begins to settle into place, as the article shows. Well written and totally worth the read, it’s a fantastic piece/series to be hosted on CZ. Follow the link, and go read it (and preceding article) if you haven’t already.


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